Why Your Apartment Community Needs EV Charging Stations

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Electric cars are taking over, and if you’re not on the EV charging bandwagon, it’s time to jump aboard. In the US alone, there are a whopping 3.6 million electric vehicles, and the number is climbing. Wondering why your apartment community should care? Here are three compelling reasons why you need to get those EV charging stations in gear.

Meeting the Surge in Demand

Uncle Sam wants half of all new cars to be electric by 2030 – that’s a whopping 48 million EVs, according to McKinsey. With 80% of charging happening at home, your apartment complex needs to be on top of it. By 2030, PwC predicts that a sweet 17% (that’s around 6 million) of all charging spots in the US will be in apartment buildings. And guess what? Financial incentives like the Clean Vehicle Tax Credits are fueling the EV frenzy. Make sure your place is ready to power up.

Attracting and Keeping Residents

Electric vehicles aren’t just a mode of transport; they’re a lifestyle. A 2021 survey found that EV charging is the third most sought-after amenity upgrade. If you want your residents to stick around, you better have those charging stations installed. People with electric cars are on the lookout for communities that cater to their charging needs. As Loren Nelson from NELSON Worldwide puts it, EV charging has evolved from a nice-to-have amenity to a deal-breaker for those seeking an eco-friendly community.

Boosting Your Bottom Line

Here’s the real kicker – EV chargers aren’t just there to keep the planet green. They can also make your pockets a little greener. Not only can they up your tenant retention game and justify higher rents, but with a savvy pricing strategy, they can become a revenue stream. The Anfu Network lets property managers offer free or paid charging, turning those electrons into extra income. Charging by duration or energy usage? That’s money in the bank.

In a world where EV charging is the next big thing for apartment living, don’t be left in the dust. Start your journey with Anfu today. Reach out to an Anfu sales manager, and let’s get those chargers humming.

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