Why Hotels Play a Vital Role in This Year’s Summer EV Travel

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It’s that time of year again – summer travel season is here, and Americans are hitting the road for classic road trips. What’s changing is the increasing number of these journeys being taken in electric vehicles (EVs). The switch to EVs is on the rise, and by 2030, McKinsey predicts we’ll have around 48 million EVs cruising on American highways! In this transition, hospitality owners and managers are key players as travelers actively seek hotels equipped with EV charging stations.

Here are four solid reasons why hotels should jump on the EV charging bandwagon:

  1. Attracting Customers: Offering EV charging might seem like a bonus, but it’s becoming a necessity. With more people opting for EVs, businesses need to provide charging facilities to stay competitive. If your rivals offer EV charging, and you don’t, you risk losing business. Hotels are like a home away from home, making them ideal for EV drivers looking to charge overnight. Plus, EV drivers generally have more spending money – by providing charging, you’re likely to attract repeat guests, boosting your restaurant, shops, and overall occupancy rates.
  2. Environmental Leadership: EV charging stations not only appeal to customers but also position hotels as environmental champions. Supporting clean transportation initiatives is an easy and logical move for hotels to align with customers who prioritize social justice and environmental causes. It might even come with tax incentives and perks like LEED certification points and carbon credits.
  3. Filling Infrastructure Gaps: The US needs a whopping 20 times more charging stations by 2030, especially in rural areas. If your hotel is in a rural spot, installing EV charging infrastructure not only fills a crucial gap but might also make you eligible for government incentives. It brings tourism to smaller towns and encourages drivers to explore beyond the usual routes.
  4. Extra Revenue Stream: EV chargers aren’t just a guest amenity; they can be a moneymaker. Equip your hotel with charging stations that can be used by the public too. Some chargers, like Anfu’s IQ 200 and Series 8, even have features like credit card readers and advertising displays, letting you earn revenue from charging and additional advertising.

Choosing the Right Chargers:

  • Level 2 Chargers: Ideal for overnight guests, taking about four to eight hours to charge an EV. Anfu Network allows you to set usage fees, ensuring drivers pay for the electricity consumed.
  • DC Fast Chargers: Suitable for high-end hotels, charging EVs in under an hour. While pricier and not compatible with all EVs, these can attract both overnight guests and the general public, generating additional revenue.

Network Matters:

Don’t overlook the importance of a networked EV charging system. Being part of services like PlugShare and Google Maps puts your hotel on the map for EV drivers. With the Anfu Network, you have full control, offering special pricing for guests and potentially earning more from public users.

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