Why EV Charging Is a Must-Have for Your Parking Facility

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In 2022, EV sales in the US shot up by 55%, and experts project a 35% increase by the end of 2023, according to the International Energy Agency. As the number of electric vehicles on the road continues to soar, parking facilities need to adapt. Adding EV charging stations is not just a perk but a necessity for the future of parking. Let’s break down the essentials for leased, valet, and public parking.

Leased Parking for Commercial Offices and Multifamily

Smart charging stations are becoming a hot commodity for commercial and multifamily tenants. EV charging is no longer just a home or workplace thing; it’s a sought-after employee perk and a tool for attracting new residents. Building owners are catching on and urging parking management companies to install charging stations to meet tenant demands and stay competitive. In fact, EV charging stations are making their way into new building codes, emphasizing their importance for lease and contract renewals.

Valet Parking

Valet services at airports, hotels, and retail spots are already a hit. For EV drivers opting for valet, charging becomes the next must-have. Some valet services might charge for energy, while others see it as an add-on. Imagine dropping off your Tesla on Monday at the airport valet and returning on Friday to a fully charged vehicle. Valet services can capitalize on this by scheduling vehicle shuffling during charging, maximizing turnover and revenue.

Public and Municipal Parking

Public parking has a different game plan. Winning over EV drivers from other facilities may involve entrance fees or meter charges. The choice is there to offer free electricity or use the charging station’s payment system. Some parking operators simplify things by using the Anfu Charging Network as a combined metered parking unit and charging station. An interactive LED light signals charging status, and being on the Anfu Network puts your facility on the EV charging map. For EV drivers scoping out charging spots online, this visibility is a compelling reason to choose your facility.

Anfu EV Charging Solutions for Parking

Regardless of your parking setup – public, private, or valet – Anfu Charging has the right commercial charging stations. Our Level 2 and DC fast charging stations link to the Anfu Network, a robust cloud-based portal offering more visibility into your charging program. If flexibility is your game, we’ve got four business models to make expanding your charging program a breeze.

For parking operators ready to stand out and draw in new customers, networked EV charging stations are the answer. Ready to dive into EV charging for your parking facility? Learn more about Anfu Charging’s solutions.

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