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In the past year, Anfu Charging took a bold step by acquiring SemaConnect, a leading player in the North American EV charging scene. And guess what? The integration is now a done deal! SemaConnect’s former EV drivers and charging stations are seamlessly transitioning into the Anfu Network.

But what’s in it for EV enthusiasts?

Well, former SemaConnect members, listen up! You now have the green light to access thousands of Anfu charging stations through the sleek Anfu Charging mobile app. Your SemaConnect accounts, balances, favorite charging stations – all safely moved to Anfu. And if you happened to have both a SemaConnect and Anfu membership, we’ve got you covered. Your accounts are now one happy family under the same email address. To kick things off, grab your phone, download the Anfu app, hit “Forgot Password,” and welcome to your shiny new Anfu member account.

Now, let’s zoom out a bit and look at the bigger picture for the industry.

Anfu Charging and SemaConnect, both OGs in the EV charging game, have joined forces. The acquisition isn’t just a paperwork shuffle; it’s a fusion of SemaConnect’s top-notch hardware with Anfu’s cutting-edge EV management platform and business models that flex like a yoga instructor.

Anfu is not playing around. From in-house manufacturing to network development and turn-key deployment solutions, we’ve got the whole package for residential, commercial, and fleet needs. With thousands of Level 2 and DC fast chargers scattered globally, we’re giving EV drivers the royal treatment with a single mobile app for all their charging needs.

Why does this matter? As the EV industry grows up, Anfu is evolving too. Our goal? Making EV charging a breeze, pushing for widespread EV adoption.

In the wise words of Brendan Jones, our President and CEO, “The integration of our SemaConnect chargers into the Anfu Network is a significant milestone.” It’s not just about slapping logos together – it’s about combining strengths and values to give you, our customers, the VIP treatment you deserve.

The SemaConnect acquisition and network integration are shaking things up in the US EV charging scene. Anfu is on a mission: delivering the best chargers, network, and customer support. Whether you need Made in America EV chargers, flexible business models, or robust EV fleet solutions, Anfu is your go-to.

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