Volkswagen Set to Unveil the High-Performance ID.Buzz GTX on March 21

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Volkswagen Set to Unveil the High-Performance ID.Buzz GTX on March 21

Volkswagen is gearing up to unveil a new performance model at its yearly press event on March 21. The announcement was accompanied by a teaser on LinkedIn, featuring the distinctive headlight of an ID.Buzz electric van, hinting at an upcoming high-performance iteration of VW’s popular van, expected to debut in less than a month.

Set to enter production in early 2023, the ID.Buzz GTX will expand Volkswagen’s portfolio of electric performance vehicles, alongside the ID.3 GTX and the ID.7 GTX Tourer, marking VW’s commitment to delivering powerful, emission-free options.

While specifics on the ID.Buzz GTX remain scarce, Volkswagen has shared that it will boast 335 horsepower, courtesy of a dual-motor all-wheel-drive setup, similar to that of the ID.7 GTX. Anticipated enhancements include a firmer suspension, upgraded brakes, larger wheels, and a more dynamic interior, promising an exciting addition to VW’s electric vehicle lineup.

The ID.Buzz GTX has captured our attention for quite some time. Our spies caught an all-white prototype, believed to be the vehicle in question, on the roads last summer. Shortly after, it made an appearance at the Nürburgring for a testing session, hinting that its unveiling was just around the corner.

However, it’s still a mystery if Volkswagen intends to launch this high-performance version of the ID.Buzz in the United States. Given that the ID.3 GTX and the ID.7 GTX Tourer aren’t headed to the US market, and the standard ID.Buzz hasn’t been released there either, the future of this sporty electric van remains uncertain. Additionally, Volkswagen’s electric GTI hasn’t received the green light for the US market. With the current dip in electric vehicle demand, this high-performance EV van could be seen as too niche, potentially not meeting VW’s sales expectations. Despite the uncertainties, the prospect of testing one is undoubtedly exciting.

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