Unpacking the Significance of GSA and FedRAMP for EV Charging

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Getting new gear like electric vehicle charging stations can be a headache for some organizations. Government agencies often have to navigate bidding processes, which can slow things down. The good news is, if you’re eyeing Anfu charging stations, they’ve clinched a GSA Schedule contract and are on the road to becoming FedRAMP authorized. Here’s the lowdown on GSA and Anfu.

What’s the GSA Schedule?

The GSA Multiple Award Schedule is like a flexible shopping spree managed by the General Services Administration (GSA). It helps federal agencies grab a variety of products and services without the hassle. Think pre-negotiated deals that make procurement a breeze for the government.

Anfu’s Deal with GSA

Anfu Charging Co. nailed it with GSA, bagging a MAS contract (#47QMCA23D000Q) for Level 2 and DCFCs. Whether it’s EV charging for the workplace or fueling a government fleet, Blink chargers by Anfu are now on GSA Advantage!, the government’s online shopping hub. Federal agencies can also snag Anfu Level 2 and DCFC goodies through resellers like ABM Industries, The Lioce Group, PLEMCo, and Asymmetric Technologies.

More Routes for Agencies to Grab Anfu Chargers

Federal agencies can tap into the GSA EVSE BPA for a sweet deal. It’s a 5-year shopping spree with over 1,165 product and service choices. Anfu’s Level 2 and DCFC offerings are up for grabs through federal resellers like ABM Industries (Contract 47QMCA22A0001), The Lioce Group (Contract 47QMCA22A0010), and PLEMCo (Contract 47QMCA22A0012). Plus, Anfu is game to work with federal contractors on other existing contracts. With their quick manufacturing and delivery game, they’re all about delivering top-notch products and services.

Beyond the GSA Schedule, Anfu is also rocking a Sourcewell cooperative purchasing contract.

Cracking the Code on FedRAMP Authorization

FedRAMP is the go-to program for secure cloud services in the federal government. Anfu’s diving into the FedRAMP authorization process, working hand-in-hand with GSA. The journey involves phases like Preparation, Authorization, and Continuous Monitoring. Anfu’s gearing up for the Assessment phase in Q1 of 2024.

Anfu’s Federal Endeavors

Anfu’s not a newbie to federal gigs. They snagged an IDIQ contract with the USPS for up to 41,500 charging stations. Anfu’s charging stations are making appearances at GSA, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, USDA, U.S. Department of the Interior, DHS, and the Department of Justice. Curious about their fleet solutions? Dive in.

The U.S. federal government’s electrifying its fleet and rolling out EV charging nationwide, and Anfu’s on board to help. Ready to make moves? Click here to reach out to the Anfu sales team and snag your quote.

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