Unlocking the Benefits of EV Charging at Your Healthcare Facility

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In the ever-growing landscape of electric vehicles (EVs), the United States boasts a staggering 3.6 million of them as of April 2023, according to Veloz’s EV Market Report. With a national goal of hitting 50% EV sales by 2030, it’s evident that the future of transportation is electric. This shift means a move from the weekly gas station routine to a daily charging pitstop at workplaces, homes, or public charging stations. But why should healthcare facilities jump on the EV charging bandwagon? The perks might catch you by surprise.

Empower Your Staff to Go Green

By installing EV charging stations at your medical office, you empower your staff to make a green choice. Now, your doctors, nurses, and technicians can confidently switch to zero-emission electric vehicles, eliminating the worry of running out of power. Charging up at work not only saves on maintenance costs but also reduces their individual carbon footprint.

Attract and Retain Patients with Charging Stations

Standing out in the competitive healthcare field is no easy feat. Successful offices set themselves apart by offering the right amenities to attract patients. Charging stations not only cater to your staff but also benefit patients who need to park during appointments. Patients driving electric cars want assurance that they can charge up when visiting your office. Installing EV charging stations sends a powerful message, especially for patients traveling from rural areas or out-of-town. It shows you’re ready for the future, giving them peace of mind about charging their vehicles during appointments and making the journey home worry-free.

Optimize Operational Costs with EV Fleet Charging

The advantages of EVs extend beyond staff and patients. If your medical facility operates an ambulatory or medical transportation fleet, electric vehicles can significantly cut maintenance and fuel costs. Making the switch to electric ambulances can reduce total maintenance expenses by 75%, coupled with predictable fuel costs through off-peak scheduled charging.

Turn EV Charging Stations into a Marketing Asset

Marketing is more than just ads; it’s about what people say about you. Networked EV charging stations place your medical practice on public EV charging maps and apps like Anfu Charging, PlugShare, and Google Maps. This visibility ensures prospective patients hear about your forward-thinking amenities and can easily find directions to your location. With EV charging stations taking a prominent place in your parking lot, your commitment to sustainability becomes the first and last impression on patients. It’s an effortless way to attract new business.

Incorporating networked EV charging stations into your medical office building not only adds a healthy amenity for employees and patients but also positions your facility at the forefront of the evolving healthcare landscape. If you’re a Vizient member, discover exclusive pricing for EV charging at your facility by filling out the form on the right to request pricing. Don’t miss out on embracing the future of transportation and healthcare. Get started today!

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