Unlocking EV Charging: A Deep Dive into the CFI Grant Program

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As we gear up for a future of sustainable transportation, the surge in electric vehicle (EV) adoption calls for a network of robust charging stations. The Charging and Fueling Infrastructure (CFI) grant program, a brainchild of the 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, emerges as a game-changer. Here’s your guide to navigating the CFI landscape.

What’s CFI All About?

Crafted by Congress, the CFI Program is a competitive grant initiative strategically designed to roll out accessible EV charging and alternative fueling hubs in both urban and rural areas. Picture this as the driving force behind your local EV charging station. With a hefty $2.5 billion commitment over five years, the CFI Program unveils two funding categories: the Community Charging and Fueling Grants (Community Program) and the Alternative Fuel Corridor Grants (Corridor Program).

CFI and NEVI Grants: A Dynamic Duo

Syncing seamlessly with the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) program, CFI steps up by filling the charging infrastructure gaps in diverse settings:

City Vibes

Beyond NEVI’s focus on Alternative Fuel Corridors (AFCs), CFI steps into urban territories like downtown districts. Imagine charging your EV hassle-free in the heart of the city.

Country Roads

Rural charm doesn’t mean missing out. CFI spreads its wings to less populated areas, ensuring EV owners in the countryside have their reliable charging oasis.

Equality Matters

CFI puts equity in the driver’s seat. Prioritizing disadvantaged and low-income communities, the program opens avenues for everyone to ride the EV wave.

Beyond Corridors: Charging Everywhere

The CFI program transforms everyday spots into EV charging havens:

In the Green

Parks aren’t just for picnics; now they’re charging hotspots for EV enthusiasts enjoying outdoor activities.

Schooling EVs

Schools become more than just places of learning. They’re now hubs for charging up, setting an eco-friendly example for the next generation.

Park and Charge

Public parking areas are no longer just parking spots. They’re charging zones, making EVs a practical choice for daily commuters.

Who’s Eligible for CFI Funding?

Unlike the NEVI grant program, where states take the lead, the CFI show is run by the US Department of Transportation. Eligible players include states, local governments, tribes, territories, and more. If you’re in the transportation game, you’re in.

Applying for CFI Funds

This program means business, allocating a hefty $700 million for this funding opportunity. The first round of applications is in, but don’t fret if you missed it. Round two is on the horizon, so stay tuned to Grants.gov for the latest updates.

Enter Anfu: Charging Up Communities

Teaming up with municipalities and states in the CFI funding league, Anfu is on a mission. Schools, parks, and parking lots – Anfu is everywhere, enhancing charger accessibility. Their Level 2 chargers sync seamlessly with CFI’s accessibility goals, bridging gaps in the EV charging landscape.

The CFI Vision: EVs Everywhere, Anytime

With the CFI grant program backing the charge, and partners like Anfu in the driver’s seat, the vision of widespread EV accessibility is within reach. EV owners can hit the road with confidence, knowing reliable charging solutions are just around the corner.

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