Toyota, Lexus Are Latest To Switch To Tesla’s NACS Plug

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Toyota and Lexus have jumped on the Tesla bandwagon, revealing plans to adopt Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) plug for their upcoming electric vehicles (EVs). This move aligns with Toyota’s serious commitment to electric mobility.

Announced today, this shift means future Toyota and Lexus EVs will utilize the Tesla Supercharger network, boasting over 12,000 charging stations across North America. The switch begins in 2025, with specific EV models embracing the NACS plug. For existing vehicles on the Combined Charging System (CCS), an adapter will grant access to Tesla Superchargers in the same year.

This transition isn’t a solitary event. BMW Group recently announced a similar switch, and a growing number of automakers, including General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Hyundai, and Kia, are all pivoting towards the NACS standard. The trend is clear, and it’s gaining momentum.

Though Toyota didn’t spill the beans on which EVs will sport the NACS plug, big changes are on the horizon. Under the leadership of CEO Koji Sato, Toyota is revving up its EV and battery production. With plans for a comprehensive BEV platform, innovative manufacturing techniques, high-range solid-state batteries, and potentially 10 new Toyota and Lexus BEV models by 2026, the automaker is making bold strides.

Curiously, the fate of Toyota’s plug-in hybrids remains unclear. Currently using a J1772 plug, it’s uncertain if these hybrids will incorporate NACS plugs for potentially slower charging typical of hybrid cars.

In the grand scheme, this shift is another win for Tesla’s plug, positioning it as the imminent North American Charging Standard. For buyers eagerly anticipating Toyota’s electric lineup, the news comes with an added perk – access to Tesla’s widespread Supercharger stations. The domino effect is in full swing; the question isn’t who’s next, but who’s left to make the switch.

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