Tesla’s New V4 Superchargers In The US Get CCS Adapter, Credit Card Reader

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Tesla is gearing up for an influx of new customers with the rollout of its latest V4 Superchargers in the US. These new charging stations, currently being installed in states like Oregon, Nevada, and Alabama, come packed with features.

A recent snapshot of V4 stalls in Nevada, shared on the Tesla Motors Club forum, sheds light on some noteworthy additions. The V4 in the United States now boasts an integrated CCS1-adapter (dubbed Magic Dock), a credit card reader, and a compact display.

The Magic Dock adapter, initially introduced with V3 Supercharging dispensers, facilitates non-Tesla drivers in using Tesla’s charging network under the Supercharging pilot program. This is crucial because most non-Tesla electric vehicles use the CCS1 charging inlet, while Tesla’s network relies on the Tesla-developed North American Charging Standard (NACS) connector. With V4, there’s an expansion of Magic Dock sites, making it more convenient for CCS1-compatible electric vehicles.

Charging non-Tesla EVs used to require authentication and payment through the Tesla app. Now, with the addition of a credit card reader and a small display (first seen on European V4 dispensers), customers may soon have a direct access alternative.

This development is particularly promising, especially as other manufacturers shift from CCS1 to NACS charging standards. There’s a potential influx of customers who might want occasional Supercharger use without the hassle of network sign-ups or account creation.

It’s worth noting that the V4, equipped with a Magic Dock adapter, is more user-friendly for non-Tesla drivers than its predecessor, the V3. The V4 features a notably longer cable, essential for reaching charging inlets in various locations around the vehicle.

Apart from the integrated CCS1 adapter, the V4 stalls in North America closely resemble those in Europe, where both Tesla and non-Tesla EVs use the CCS2 connector.

The global rollout of V4 Superchargers is in full swing. Recent reports from Teslarati indicate the installation of the first V4 stalls in Asia, specifically in Hong Kong. Tesla initiated this deployment with three V4 dispensers alongside 12 V3 units and 150 Destination Chargers.

Tesla highlights that the V4 Superchargers maintain the same impressive 250-kilowatt power output as the V3. Furthermore, they are designed to be future-proof, allowing for updates and new features. Anticipated future developments may include increased power output and voltage support for high-voltage battery systems.

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