Tesla Powers Up: Latest V4 Supercharger Unveiled in Sparks, Nevada

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Buckle up, Tesla enthusiasts! The latest Tesla V4 Supercharger station has just lit up in Sparks, Nevada, marking another milestone for the EV giant. This isn’t just any opening; it might be the very first V4 Supercharging site open to the public in the U.S. Europe got a head start, with installations kicking off in March and spanning multiple countries.

But what’s the buzz about V4 Superchargers? Picture this: a charging station not only catering to Tesla vehicles but also rolling out the welcome mat for non-Tesla electric vehicles. The V4 dispensers are armed with an integrated CCS1-adapter (or as Tesla fondly calls it, the Magic Dock), a credit card reader, a handy display, and an extended cable to reach charging inlets in various nooks and crannies.

While the Nevada site isn’t yet waving the non-Tesla flag, similar to the situation in Europe, where the first V4 site eventually opened its arms to non-Tesla EVs, time will tell. Customer feedback will be the litmus test for how seamlessly this all comes together.

Now, onto the nitty-gritty of power – no reports of anything surpassing 250 kilowatts (same as the V3 Superchargers) for now. However, the grapevine hints at the potential for power and voltage upgrades down the road. Tesla plans to pair the V4 Superchargers with spanking-new power electronics, a combo designed not just to up the power but also the voltage, a crucial factor for those high-voltage battery systems.

Oh, and in case you missed it, here’s a snapshot of a Tesla Cybertruck making its debut at the fresh V4 stalls.

Zooming out a bit, the U.S. Tesla Supercharging network just hit a whopping 2,000 stations. Yes, you read that right. Supercharge.info spilled the beans, revealing over 22,280 individual stalls across the country, averaging around 11 stalls per station. Surprisingly, the Asia-Pacific region takes the lead with over 2,350 stations, leaving North America (with 2,230 stations) in the rearview mirror, while Europe trails with just over 1,080 stations.

Tesla’s not just driving the EV revolution; it’s supercharging it! Stay tuned for more power-packed updates.

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