Tesla Installs First V4 Superchargers In The US

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Tesla’s latest V4 Superchargers are making their way to the US, marking a significant development after their initial deployment in Europe. The first batch of eight V4 stalls is currently under construction in Wilsonville, Oregon, with plans to be operational this month. Meanwhile, Sparks, Nevada, also gears up for the arrival of four V4 Supercharging dispensers, potentially going live in the coming days.

While it’s unclear how many more installations are in the pipeline across the United States, Tesla seems to be taking a phased approach, mirroring its strategy in Europe. The distinctive V4 dispensers feature a fresh look, trading the red and white for a sleek black and white design. Notably, these stalls are taller, accommodating a longer cable attached at the top. This design tweak allows for easier access to the charging inlets of non-Tesla electric vehicles, a pivotal consideration as North America anticipates a shift from CCS1 to Tesla’s NACS connectors.

Whether the V4 will come equipped with Magic Dock built-in CCS1 adapters remains uncertain. Nevertheless, the EV industry in North America is gearing up for this transition, emphasizing the importance of the longer cable for non-Tesla charging. Another crucial aspect is the anticipated boost in voltage and power of the new V4 stalls, paving the way for compatibility with 800-1,000-volt battery systems and potentially exceeding the current 250-kilowatt output, reaching up to one megawatt.

As we eagerly await the deployment of V4 Superchargers, it’s essential to scrutinize whether these units in North America will follow the European standard, incorporating contactless bank card readers and small displays. Europe has seen this as a new norm for Tesla’s V4 stalls, and it remains to be seen if North America will adopt the same features. Stay tuned for more updates as Tesla continues to roll out its cutting-edge V4 Superchargers across the continent.

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