Tesla Hits Milestone with 50,000th Supercharger – A Unique Addition in California

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In a recent milestone, Tesla celebrated the installation of its 50,000th Supercharging stall, and this one stands out from the rest.

Unlike the standard white and red design, this special dispenser is entirely red, featuring the eye-catching Ultra Red color used on the Model S/Model X. Adding a touch of uniqueness, a label at the bottom proudly states “No 50,000.”

Tesla didn’t spill the beans on the exact location, only mentioning it’s “somewhere in the world.” However, eagle-eyed Tesla fans quickly pinpointed it to Roseville, California, specifically at 1851 Freedom Way, as revealed in a video shared by Tesla Owners Silicon Valley.

Anticipation is building, and it’s expected to become a hotspot for local Tesla drivers, at least for a while.

Despite its special status, there’s no indication that this charging stall differs in power output or cost compared to the standard ones – a typical 250-kilowatt unit.

Now boasting over 50,000 Supercharging stalls and 5,000 stations worldwide, Tesla’s network remains the largest among all fast-charging networks. The company’s aggressive installation pace ensures its dominance in the near future.

Looking ahead, Tesla’s Superchargers are set to become more accessible to non-Tesla electric vehicles through a pilot program and the adoption of Tesla’s NACS charging connector by other manufacturers in North America.

As the EV landscape evolves, competition in charging networks is on the rise, with charging companies and other EV manufacturers stepping up their game. From charging power to prices, locations, reliability, and amenities, the variety promises an exciting and competitive future.

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