Tesla Hits Jackpot with €148.7 Million EU Funding for Supercharger Network Boost

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In a significant win, Tesla has bagged nearly $150 million (€148.7 million) from the European Union’s latest funding initiative. The funding will propel the installation and replacement of 7,198 charging points, each boasting a robust 250-kilowatt output. Spread across 22 countries in Europe, this move is set to enhance Tesla’s charging infrastructure.

The European Commission revealed that Tesla Italy and Tesla Poland spearheaded the approved projects, securing the lion’s share of the total funding – a whopping 44 percent. Tesla Italy’s proposal targets the deployment of 6,458 recharging points across 16 countries, covering a comprehensive road network. Simultaneously, Tesla Poland is set to revamp or install 740 recharging points spanning six countries.

Adina Vălean, the European Commissioner for Transport, highlighted the transport industry’s commitment to sustainable practices. The EU’s investment of €352 million will yield around 12,000 charging points, 18 hydrogen refueling stations, and the electrification of vital transport hubs.

This funding surge aligns with the European Union’s recent directive, mandating the installation of fast-charging stations along major transport corridors by 2025. The law underscores the necessity for at least 150 kW charging stations every 37 miles and stipulates a total output of 400 kW for stations along key roads linking major cities by the end of 2025.

While official documents don’t explicitly mention it, there’s a high likelihood that Tesla will employ its V4 Superchargers in this expansion. The V4 Superchargers boast a 250 kW capacity and offer contactless payment – a requirement under the new regulations.

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