Tesla Drivers Encounter Charging Difficulties in Chicago’s Severe Cold

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Tesla Drivers Encounter Charging Difficulties in Chicago's Severe Cold

In the face of Chicago’s extreme cold, Tesla owners are facing unexpected challenges with their vehicle batteries. At The Evergreen Marketplace charging station, the impact of sub-zero temperatures on Tesla batteries became evident. Numerous Teslas were found immobile and misaligned in the parking lot, their batteries drained by the harsh weather.

Drivers reported issues with charging station functionality and significantly slower charging times. Brandon Welbourne, a Tesla owner, shared his ordeal of waiting over five hours without being able to charge his vehicle, a process that typically takes 45 minutes now extending to two hours. The situation led to at least ten Teslas being towed from the site.

Tesla has acknowledged the effects of cold weather on battery performance, advising owners to maintain a charge level above 20 percent in such conditions. The company’s support site explains that increased energy consumption in cold weather is normal, as additional energy is needed to heat both the battery and the cabin. Tesla assures customers that updates have been made to enhance the driving experience in freezing temperatures, including improved thermal performance, faster Supercharging, and better cabin conditioning. Despite these advancements, the recent events in Chicago highlight the ongoing challenges of operating electric vehicles in extreme weather conditions.

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