Tesla Confirms It’s Working On A Wireless Inductive EV Charger

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Tesla is diving into the world of wireless charging for electric vehicles (EVs). Franz von Holzhausen, Tesla’s chief designer, spilled the beans during a Jay Leno’s Garage review of the Cybertruck. In a nutshell, Tesla is cooking up an inductive EV charging system. Von Holzhausen spilled the details to Jay Leno and Lars Moravy, Tesla’s VP of Vehicle Engineering.

So, what’s the big deal? Well, with inductive charging, there’s no need to mess with plugs. You just roll into your garage, drive over the pad, and voila – charging kicks in. Von Holzhausen kept tight-lipped on the specifics, leaving us hungry for more details on Tesla’s wireless charging venture.

This isn’t the first whisper of Tesla flirting with wireless charging. Back in March at a shareholder event, Tesla teased us with a photo of a Model S seemingly wirelessly charging in a garage. Cue the rumors. But Tesla finally spilled the beans with Von Holzhausen’s revelation.

Why bother with this wireless jazz? Sure, plugging in an EV is no Herculean task, but the wireless game is all about that seamless experience. Picture this – you pull over a pad, and the magic begins. No cords, no fuss.

Now, let’s talk money. Getting an inductive charger in your garage isn’t going to be pocket change. It’s a pricier affair than your run-of-the-mill Level 2 charger. Why? Because it involves embedding an inductive pad into the garage floor. That means messing with concrete, and that doesn’t come cheap.

But wait, there’s more. Toss in a wall-mounted charger that hooks up to your electrical panel – more cost. Oh, and your car needs a special inductive receiver, which not only means shelling out more bucks but also adds some weight to your ride.

Speaking of acquisitions, Tesla did a little dance with German wireless charging company Wiferion. Bought it in the summer, sold it in October. Plot twist – Tesla held onto Wiferion’s engineers. Looks like they’ve got their eyes set on perfecting that wireless charging dream.

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