Tapping into the EV Boom for Truck Stops and Convenience Stores

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The holiday hustle is back in full swing, with a predicted 115.2 million Americans gearing up for travel during the 2023 festive season. Buckle up, because a whopping 90% of them are hitting the road in their trusty cars. And here’s the twist – electric vehicles (EVs) are rolling into the spotlight. As EV ownership skyrockets, the demand for charging services is hitting the accelerator.

For truck stops and roadside convenience stores, this is more than just a pit stop. In areas where electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) is as rare as a desert oasis, these businesses are sitting on a goldmine. Picture this: vast stretches of highway, limited charging spots – that’s where you come in.

Now, let’s talk numbers. According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, rural regions are stuck in the slow lane, with only 3.5% of public Level 2 (L2) chargers and a mere 8% of Direct Current Fast Chargers (DCFCs). It’s a gap you can fill, and here’s how:

Plug into Profit

Become the go-to charging hub for EV enthusiasts. Make sure your truck stop or convenience store is equipped with reliable charging stations. Turn those pit stops into profit by attracting drivers in need of a juice boost.

Light Up the Landscape

In areas where EV chargers are as scarce as a four-leaf clover, be the beacon. Illuminate your business as the oasis for EV drivers, drawing them in like moths to a flame.

Fueling Convenience

Break free from the fuel-only stereotype. Position your business as more than just a pit stop – it’s a convenience haven. Offer snacks, amenities, and a cozy spot to recharge both cars and drivers.

Rural EV Revolution

Lead the charge in rural areas. Be the driving force that transforms charging deserts into charging hubs. Your business can be the spark that ignites the EV revolution in less-explored territories.

As holiday travel surges and EVs hit the road, truck stops and convenience stores have the chance to shine. Don’t just fuel vehicles; fuel the future of travel. Get ready to rev up your business and ride the wave of the EV boom.

Say Goodbye to Range Anxiety and Hello to Peaceful Drives

It’s no secret – the key to luring in electric vehicle (EV) drivers is to offer them a spot to juice up their rides.

As per the Electric Vehicle Database, EVs boast an average range of 227 miles. Although most EV charging happens at home, and 227 miles is plenty for the daily grind, public charging spots become a must for those long-haul trips or holiday adventures. Cue the entry of a new concern: EV range anxiety, the fretful notion that your EV might just conk out on you. Despite stats proving this worry tends to fade away after a few months behind the wheel of an EV, it’s still a real bugbear for the unseasoned EV enthusiast.

Convenience stores, gas stations, and truck stops play a pivotal role in instilling range confidence in EV drivers. McKinsey’s report, “Building the Electric-Vehicle Charging Infrastructure America Needs,” foresees that if the U.S. hits its 2030 target of 50% zero-emission vehicle sales, “public charging would deliver more than 20 percent of the electricity EVs would use.” Opening up more EV charging spots at truck stops and other retail outlets will cater to the needs of upcoming EV drivers, providing them with a fresh reason to swing by your gas station.

The Power of Dependable Charging

In a recent Forth Mobility webinar, Joel Levin, Executive Director of Plug In America, shed light on charge anxiety—the gnawing fear that a charging station might fail or that the payment system won’t jive with the driver’s norm. Drivers grapple with concerns about charger reliability, enduring lengthy waits, and navigating unfamiliar payment methods.

As electric vehicles gain traction, drivers crave assurance that a reliable charging station is just around the corner. While mapping services like Google Maps, Apple Maps, PlugShare, and select vehicle navigation systems now pinpoint charging stations, crucial details about live station status and payment methods are often left out. Smart convenience store and truck stop managers can forge a reputation by offering hassle-free chargers equipped with credit card payments and unwavering reliability.

Blink Network Unleashes Power Boost for C-Stores and Truck Stops

Plug in Blink’s DCFCs or L2 chargers, and watch your business join the ranks of sought-after charging spots on the Blink Charging Mobile App and other top locator services. Being part of the Blink Network not only throws open the doors to your very own control dashboard but also lets you tweak pricing at different hours. Create exclusive user groups too; perfect for tossing discounts at loyal members.

Cracking the EV Charger Installation Code

For businesses eying EVSE installations, a treasure trove of funding options awaits. Enter the stage, the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Tax Credit (aka EV charging station tax credit) and the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Formula Program (NEVI). The tax credit’s a 30% off, up to $100,000 per charger, but there’s a catch—it plays the census tract game.

NEVI, on the other hand, backs up banks of at least four DCFCs every 50 miles along alternative fuel corridors, just a mile from the highway exit. And that’s not all; every state’s got its funding dance, and you can uncover the moves with Blink’s Commercial Incentives tool. Pop in your zip code and station type, and voila, a list of funding programs tailored just for you.

Truck stops and roadside stores, here’s your golden ticket to ride the EV wave. Blink gives you the keys to be part of the solution to EV range and charge anxiety. Ready to roll? Connect with Blink Charging today and chat with an electrification pro.

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