Streamlining EV Charger Installation for Dealerships: A Practical Guide

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Setting up electric vehicle (EV) charging at your dealership is a smart move, especially with the US EV market booming. Before diving in, you’ll need a site assessment and the right charging equipment. Now, let’s talk about picking the perfect installer – here are your options:

Choosing a Contractor

Consult Your Anfu Rep

If you’re unsure, ask your Anfu sales manager for a trusted recommendation. We collaborate with skilled electricians experienced in installing Anfu charging stations. Your local recommendation will be a certified pro with the right expertise.

Pick Your Own Contractor

You have the freedom to choose your electrician, not just the one Anfu suggests. Many clients prefer their on-site electrician for convenience. However, keep an eye out for some essential criteria when selecting a contractor.

What to Look for in an EV Charger Installer

Certification is Key

Ensure your electrician is certified and has completed the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program (EVITP). This program covers crucial aspects like site assessment, load calculations, and safety practices.

Experience Matters

While not mandatory, choosing an installer with prior EV charging experience is a plus. It adds a layer of confidence to the installation process.

Local Know-How

Your contractor should be well-versed in local codes and permitting. Different regions have different requirements, and your installer needs to navigate them smoothly.

Other Contractors You Might Need

Beyond a certified electrician, consider other contractors for tasks like cement pad pouring, security measures, and parking lot adjustments. Anfu’s site assessment will identify these needs.

Cost-Saving Tips for Dealerships

Strategic Placement

Install chargers close to the power source to cut down on trenching and conduit costs.

Load Management

Optimize power usage by having multiple chargers on the same circuit using load management. It’s a smart way to share available power among all connected chargers.

Future-Proof Planning

Prepare for the EV surge by planning for future expansions now. Upgrading electrical equipment early can save big on installation costs later.

Environmental Credits

Installing EV chargers can earn your business environmental accreditation, such as LEED certification or carbon credits, providing financial benefits.

Whether you follow Anfu’s recommendation or choose your contractor, make sure they are a certified electrician with EVITP credentials. This ensures the safe and efficient installation of EV charging equipment at your dealership.

Ready to power up your dealership with EV charging? Reach out to a Anfu Charging sales manager to schedule a consultation.

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