Should Parking Companies Forge Their Own EV Path?

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In the midst of the shift from traditional cars to electric vehicles (EVs), parking management companies stand poised to benefit. Unlike internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, EVs simply require a plug-in to the electrical grid. This presents a golden opportunity for parking operators to set up 48-80amp Level 2 charging stations, a task made easier without major infrastructure overhauls.

Today’s EV users charge conveniently where they park—be it at work, in residential areas, or public lots. For parking operators, the question arises: Is it better to create an in-house EV charging network or opt for an established one like Blink, especially if your parking management already embraces digital solutions? Let’s explore the factors.

Understanding EV Charging Networks

Before delving into the pros and cons of building versus joining an EV charging network, it’s essential to grasp what an EV network entails.

Drawing a parallel from another industry, think of an EV charging network as akin to a cellular network. When you choose a cellular service provider, you utilize their towers and billing services. Likewise, in the EV charging realm, there are hardware providers and network software providers. Blink Charging stands out as the sole fully integrated EV charging company, covering everything from product design to manufacturing, sales, station management, and customer support.

The U.S. Department of Transportation notes that once charging stations are up and running, the network assists site owners in establishing charging station policies—covering pricing, access control, administration rights, and even advertisements. It’s akin to having a supportive customer service department for your EV charging needs.

To Build or Join: Considerations for Parking Operators

For parking companies weighing the decision, the advantages and disadvantages of crafting an in-house EV charging network versus joining an existing one need careful examination.

While some parking companies opt to build their private EV charging networks, others prefer the established support of EV service equipment (EVSE) providers. Each choice comes with its own set of implications for the future.

In the upcoming sections, we’ll dissect the nuances of both options, shedding light on the path that aligns best with the goals of parking operators in this evolving landscape.

Private Network vs. Established Providers

In the realm of EV charging solutions, let’s explore the pros and cons of creating your own private network versus hitching a ride on an established provider like Blink Charging.

Private Network

Owning the decisions, chargers, and revenues – that’s the power a private EV charging network puts in your hands. Here’s the lowdown:


  1. Flexibility at Your Fingertips: Design your network your way.
  2. Branding Control: Your logo, your rules.
  3. Reap What You Sow: Enjoy all the rewards that come with managing your network.


  1. Pricey and Tricky: Building a network is no walk in the park.
  2. Constant TLC Needed: Maintenance becomes a part of the deal.
  3. Parking Lot Predicament: Diverting attention from parking management can be a conundrum.
  4. David in Goliath’s World: Your network might seem small amidst giants.
  5. Off the Map: Risk not being on driver-friendly maps.

Plug into Experience: Anfu Charging

Alternatively, there’s Anfu Charging, a seasoned player in the EV charging game. Let’s see what plugging into an existing network offers:


  1. Skip the Learning Curve: No need to be an EV charging guru.
  2. Instant Setup: Online infrastructure, billing, and reports – all ready to roll.
  3. Cost-Effective Move: Spend less compared to DIY network endeavors.
  4. Maintenance-Free: Let Blink worry about the technical nitty-gritty.
  5. Map Presence: Join the EV charging hotspot map club.


  1. Not Tailor-Made: Might not align precisely with your preferences.
  2. Pay to Play: Some fees may apply, but they’re a far cry from DIY costs.

In this EV charging saga, whether you forge your path with a private network or ride the waves with an established player like Anfu, each avenue has its unique twists and turns. Stay tuned for more insights on making the electrifying choice for your business.

Plug into Success with Anfu Charging

Get ready to supercharge your parking lots by teaming up with Anfu Charging, the front-runner in charging station manufacturing and network provision. When you enlist in the Anfu Network, your charging stations become the go-to spots on the map, literally. The Anfu Mobile App and popular EV charging locators showcase your chargers when drivers hunt for the nearest EV juice.

But that’s not all – the revamped Anfu Network throws in:

  1. Real-time intel on EV station locations, hours, pricing, and availability.
  2. Remote monitoring of your EV charging stations for top-notch customer support.
  3. Play with pricing flexibly and dynamically.
  4. A 24/7 Customer Support Center armed with an action-tracking system.
  5. Proactive monitoring and management by the Anfu Network Operations Center, ensuring a whopping 99% uptime.
  6. Smart grid prowess and support tailored for commercial users and utilities.

With the Anfu Network, you hold the reins over your charging stations:

  1. Set customized charge rates based on user groups.
  2. Keep an eye on energy usage and charge fees per session.
  3. Smooth data flow and seamless API integrations.
  4. Monitor charge events like a pro.
  5. Grab downloadable reports on chargers and their locations.

In the grand showdown between building your EV charging network and hitching a ride with an existing one, the winner’s clear. Anfu’s network not only saves you time and bucks but also gifts you ongoing maintenance and expertise. It’s the express lane to putting your parking lots firmly on the EV charging map. Charge on!

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