Over the years: We have always adhered to advanced production equipment, strict quality management, and sophisticated production testing procedures to ensure the excellent performance of each product.
    Excellent staff team, sophisticated production equipment. Accurate production management and standardized operating procedures are the foundation of Anfu New Energy and the cornerstone of achieving large-scale production and high quality.

Be a professional manufacturer of photovoltaic power distribution and new energy charging stations! Contribute Amppal strength to the development of new energy in the world!

In line with the general trend of modern energy, intelligent manufacturing and digital technology integration and development, Anfu takes “Energy Internet” as its development strategy, realizes internal and external digital applications and services of enterprises, and focuses on green and low-carbon energy scenarios, build a regional smart energy comprehensive operation and management ecosystem, and provide the most complete energy solutions for public institutions, industry and commerce, and end users!

Revolutionizing EV Infrastructure in France
Construction of Electric Vehicle Charging Station
Construction of Electric Vehicle Charging Station
Construction of Photovoltaic CombinerBox
40MW Photovoltaic Power Construction
30MW Photovoltaic Power Construction
20MW Photovoltaic Power Construction
15MW Photovoltaic Power System
AMPPAL's EV Charging Station at Shengle Village Xi Yun Auto Repair Factory