Say Goodbye to EV Range Anxiety with Anfu’s Portable Charging Solution

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When diving into the world of electric vehicles (EVs), the fear of getting stranded due to a lack of charge, also known as “EV range anxiety,” often looms large. Public charging stations are less common on highways compared to gas stations, a fact highlighted by a Volvo/Harris study revealing that 65% of EV drivers initially felt range anxiety, which typically diminished over time with home charger usage. However, for those who embark on frequent long road trips or occasionally forget to plug in, Anfu has rolled out a game-changing solution for range anxiety – introducing the revamped Anfu Portable Charger. Let’s delve into the details.

Revolutionizing Roadside Assistance

Anfu’s latest Mobile Charger signifies a leap forward in portable charging technology. In 2020, our first-generation mobile charger, featuring the IQ 200, a generator, and a modular frame, played a vital role in empowering service fleets, including partnerships with companies like AAA. Fast forward to 2023, our redesigned charger makes it even more accessible for roadside assistance and emergency services to integrate portable EV charging into their programs. The IQ 200 has evolved into the HQ 200 – a 50-amp residential charger. Thanks to a more modular frame and an upgraded generator, our new mobile charger is now 120 pounds lighter, making it cost-effective and easier for service fleet companies to adopt portable EV charging solutions.

User-Friendly Charging Experience

Using the Anfu Mobile Charger is a breeze. Upon arrival of your roadside assistance, simply wait for the service provider to activate the charger, observe the LED light turning green, and plug in your vehicle. Depending on your EV model, you can expect to receive up to 7.7kW of power, translating to about 1 mile of range per minute. This Level 2 charger is tailored to provide sufficient power to reach the nearest charging station.

Moreover, the Anfu Mobile Charger seamlessly connects to the Anfu Network. Some roadside assistance providers may offer emergency charging as a complimentary service, while others can integrate the charger into the Anfu Network. Utilize the Anfu Charging app to conveniently pay for a charge, locate nearby chargers, and access session details.

In the near future, towing and emergency roadside assistance services will incorporate portable charging into their offerings. Anfu remains committed to keeping you charged at home, at work, and on the go. Stay tuned for more exciting developments as we pave the way for a worry-free EV driving experience.

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