SAIC-GM EVs Will Gain Access To Tesla Superchargers In China

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Big news in the EV world! SAIC-GM, the powerhouse collaboration between SAIC and General Motors, is teaming up with Tesla. The buzz? They’re securing access to Tesla’s Supercharging network in China. This marks a groundbreaking deal, the first of its kind, where an automaker joins forces with Tesla to tap into the Supercharging network in the Chinese market.

What’s the scoop for Buick and Cadillac owners? Well, by the end of this year, they’ll be cruising into Tesla Superchargers. This move adds an exciting twist to Tesla’s Non-Tesla Supercharger Pilot program in China, initiated back in April. Tesla kicked off the program by unveiling 10 select Supercharging stations and 120 destination charging sites (and counting, with 200 now on the map). It was a game-changer, but here’s the plot twist: SAIC-GM’s models are hopping on board, making them part of this exclusive charging club.

A quick rewind – Tesla’s program initially rolled out for 37 select models, requiring the Tesla App for access. Now, with SAIC-GM in the mix, it’s not just about Tesla anymore. Buckle up for the ride, as this collaboration promises to reshape the charging landscape in China for EV enthusiasts. Stay tuned for more on this electrifying partnership!

The recent deal got us thinking about the North American switch from CCS1 to NACS charging standards. SAIC-GM is set to tap into Tesla’s Superchargers, seamlessly integrating them into their navigation and apps. Unlike North America, there’s no headache about charging standards in China. All electric vehicles there sport dual GB/T charging inlets – one for AC and one for DC.

The big deal here? Tesla’s charging infrastructure is now an option in other OEM systems. If Tesla keeps on this track, we might witness more global agreements with carmakers. Europe, with its advanced charging network, seems like a prime spot for such collaborations.

As per the SAIC-GM press release, Buick and Cadillac models will link up with Tesla Superchargers by year-end. Check out the snapshot featuring the Cadillac Lyriq and two Buick EVs, the E4 and E5, alongside the Velite 6 model. 2024 is gearing up for Cadillac’s second Ultium-based model in China – the Optiq. Exciting times ahead.

Tesla might be opening up its Superchargers to non-Tesla electric vehicles soon. Reports suggest they already run 1,800 Supercharging stations and 700 destination sites in China, boasting a whopping 11,000 stalls and over 2,000 stalls, respectively.

SAIC-GM is also jumping on the fast-charging bandwagon in China, with a network of 52 stations and 246 individual stalls. To expand their charging options, they’ve teamed up with six charging operators, giving them access to over 500,000 charging points across the country. And, yes, Tesla’s network is on their radar too.

Stateside, GM is making a bold move by adopting Tesla’s NACS charging standard. By 2025 (or 2024 with adapters), they’ll be tapping into the Tesla Supercharging network. Big changes ahead!

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