Restaurants Now Serving Up EV Charging Options

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Restaurants Now Serving Up EV Charging Options

Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are becoming a must-have feature for restaurants. Upscale dining spots, popular with Tesla owners, are already seizing the opportunity by adding EV charging facilities. Fast food and fast-casual eateries, located near highways, offer an ideal stop for EV drivers to quickly recharge and continue their journey. Despite this trend, casual and modern casual dining places are often missing out on the chance to install EV chargers. By integrating these charging stations, these restaurants can stand out among a vast array of dining options, drawing in the eco-conscious consumer looking for convenience.

Set Your Restaurant Apart

Casual and contemporary casual dining establishments are widespread and highly popular. highlights regional favorites across the U.S.: pizza is a hit in the Midwest, Italian cuisine tops the charts in the Northeast, seafood is the choice in the Southeast, burgers dominate in the South, and Mexican dishes or steakhouses are preferred in the West. According to Cheat Sheet online, some of America’s favorite dining spots include The Bonefish Grill, Maggianos, Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen, Longhorn, Carrabba’s Italian Kitchen, Pizza Ranch, and TGIFriday’s. These restaurants, known for their casual or contemporary casual atmosphere, cater to these regional preferences, offering a range of beloved American entrees.

66.5 Minutes
Avg. Time EV Drivers Charge at Fast Food Restaurant Locations

In suburban regions, the abundance of similar restaurants within close proximity—offering comparable menus, pricing, and a relaxed dining atmosphere—presents a challenge for standing out. With many options available, diners need a compelling reason to choose your restaurant over others. Installing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations can provide that distinct advantage. EV owners, who often prioritize environmental sustainability and customer-centric services, are likely to favor establishments that cater to their specific needs. Especially relevant for contemporary casual restaurants that already emphasize healthy options or eco-friendly practices, EV chargers align perfectly with their brand message.

Furthermore, when deciding on a dining location, groups that include at least one EV driver are more inclined to pick a restaurant with charging facilities. This convenience allows the EV driver to recharge their vehicle while enjoying a meal, eliminating the need to seek out a charging station elsewhere. Even if EV owners seem to be a minority among your clientele, having a charger can still boost your visibility. By joining a network, your restaurant’s charging station gets listed on apps and maps frequently used by EV drivers to locate charging points. This not only increases your appeal to a niche market but also enhances your overall visibility on digital platforms like Google, potentially attracting more patrons to your establishment.

Isn’t EV Charging Time-Consuming?

Concerns that EV charging at restaurants is impractical due to long charge times overlook key habits of EV owners. Most charge their vehicles overnight and seek only a quick top-up, not a full charge, while out. This need aligns perfectly with dining durations, where a short stay can significantly extend an EV’s range. Quick-charge units like Blink’s IQ 200 are efficient enough to meet these needs within the average dining time.

Research supports the compatibility of dining durations with EV charging needs. A Cornell University study revealed that Americans typically spend about an hour dining out, fitting within the time an EV can receive a substantial charge. Dining times expected by servers further confirm that customers stay long enough to benefit from charging services.

Installing EV chargers is a strategic move for restaurants, addressing a real need for EV drivers and potentially attracting more customers by offering this added convenience. It’s a practical decision that aligns with the duration of the dining experience and enhances customer service, making it a beneficial feature for both the business and its patrons.

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