Powering Up Your Workplace: The Benefits of EV Charging

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With electric vehicles (EVs) revving up the road, workplaces are tuning into the trend by offering charging solutions for their staff. Although most charging happens at home, employees without a home charger rely on workplace or public stations. In a 2023 survey by PlugInAmerica, a significant chunk of EV drivers reported using workplace chargers regularly. The stats show a 28% growth in US workplace EV chargers from late 2019 to early 2021. Looking ahead, the International Council on Clean Transportation anticipates a need for 1.3 million workplace EV charging stations in the US to support the 26 million EVs expected on the roads by 2030. So, why should your workplace plug into EV charging?

Green Gears for Corporate Sustainability

When it comes to workplace perks, sustainability is a hot ticket. Deloitte’s 2022 survey found that Gen Z and Millennials rank climate change as a top concern. Nearly 40% admitted turning down gigs that clashed with their ethical compass. Companies fostering sustainability get brownie points with employees, making them more likely to stick around. EV charging is an eco-friendly stride for companies. It attracts and retains green-minded employees, future-proofs the workplace, and slashes CO2 emissions. As EVs roll into the mainstream, workplace charging is primed to become a standard employee benefit. Now’s the prime time to spark up your workplace.

Powering Productivity and Employee Health

Besides being a green move, workplace EV charging can juice up employee health and productivity. The Federal Highway Administration’s 2020 survey found that most trips are under 10 miles. With EV ranges comfortably exceeding 250 miles, topping off the charge while parked becomes a stress-free habit. Deloitte highlights that prioritizing employee well-being reduces illness risks and stress, leading to a more engaged and productive workforce. In essence, a charged-up workplace means less stress for your team.

Electrifying Employee Benefits

Switching to electric vehicles isn’t just about sustainability; it’s also about savings and exciting tech. EV drivers save big on fuel and maintenance costs and can snag tax credits. The US Census Bureau shows that the average commute is around 27.6 minutes, well within the range of most EVs. Offering EVs as part of your commuter benefits or as a take-home perk aligns with a green ethos. As seen in the City of Easthampton, Massachusetts, transitioning to EVs can cut costs, reduce emissions, and even bag hefty incentives for both the city and its employees.

Charting Your EV Course

Planning to electrify your workplace? Start by checking your electrical capacity with an electrician. While Level 2 chargers are generally easy to install, some buildings may need electrical upgrades. The US Department of Energy’s Clean Cities Coalition Network suggests employer workshops to promote workplace charging. Guides from the Department of Energy, City of Boston, and the Alternative Fuels Data Center offer step-by-step plans and considerations for workplace charging programs. And if you’re worried about the cost, don’t fret. Government incentives, like the Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Tax Credit, can cushion the financial blow of installing charging stations.

Ready to take the leap into workplace EV charging? Anfu Charging is your go-to for planning and installing electric vehicle charging stations. Whether you want full ownership or a hybrid solution, we’re here to give your workplace the charge it needs. Let’s get started with a consultation.

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