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The EV landscape is evolving, and so are we at Anfu Charging. In response to the dynamic changes in EVs and, specifically, EV charging, we’re excited to announce the integration of the North American Charging Standard (NACS) connector across our entire range of EV charging products. This renamed plug is gaining traction as the go-to standard for electric vehicle charging. But what’s the deal with NACS? Let’s break it down.

Three DC fast charging plugs

Originally a Tesla exclusive, NACS is now one of the three connectors for DC fast charging. The other two are CHAdeMO, favored by Asian automakers, and CCS (Combined Charging System), more prevalent among European and American automakers. As CHAdeMO takes a back seat, new EVs are leaning towards CCS or NACS for fast charging.

NACS gains momentum

In November 2022, Tesla rebranded its connector design and opened the doors for other automakers and charging networks to join the North American Charging Standard. Ford, followed swiftly by General Motors, jumped on the NACS bandwagon, prompting Anfu to announce plans for NACS integration in our new DC Fast Charger, showcased at CES in Las Vegas. Our engineers have been hard at work incorporating NACS connectors across our entire charger lineup. This move aligns with the shift in the industry, with many automakers and charging networks opting for NACS connectors in their EV models and chargers.

Why Anfu’s NACS integration matters

Anfu has always been at the forefront, anticipating industry shifts towards zero-emission vehicles. Our commitment is to cater to the needs of OEMs and drivers alike. We aim to charge any vehicle, regardless of connector type. With a significant portion of EV charging happening on Level 2 chargers, our integration of NACS ensures a seamless charging experience for drivers. As the largest user group of Anfu Charging, Tesla drivers will now enjoy an even smoother charging experience. This move is crucial as residential and commercial Level 2 EV charging stations constitute about 90% of EV charging in the United States. Anfu continues to provide accessible technology, minimizing confusion and delivering a convenient EV charging experience.

Leading the way in universal standards

As a leading EV charging station manufacturer and network provider, we are steadfast in adhering to universal standards. This includes OCPP and OpenADR on the Anfu Network, J-1772 for Level 2, CHAdeMO and CCS for DCFC, and the new NACS plug for current and upcoming EVs. We’re simplifying the path to EV adoption for drivers and businesses alike. Ready to kickstart EV charging at your business? Click here to get connected.

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