Over 160 Stalls at World’s Largest Tesla Supercharger

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Over 160 Stalls at World's Largest Tesla Supercharger

Tesla is setting the stage for a groundbreaking expansion of its Supercharger network by planning to construct the largest Supercharger station yet in California. This ambitious project aims to accommodate over 160 electric vehicles (EVs) simultaneously.

The planned location for this massive charging facility is in Kern County, California, strategically situated near the intersection of I-5 and Highway 46. This development was revealed through a construction permit application discovered by @MarcoRPi1 on X.

Currently, the title for the world’s largest Supercharger station is held by the Harris Ranch complex in Coalinga, California, which boasts 98 charging bays. However, the proposed station, with its 164 stalls, is set to nearly double this capacity, addressing the increasing demand for accessible EV charging options for Tesla and other EV brands alike.

Tesla’s ambitious blueprint for its upcoming Supercharger station in California introduces innovative features aimed at enhancing the EV charging experience. Notably, the design includes 16 pull-through bays, specifically catering to vehicles towing trailers, simplifying the charging process for this segment of users.

A significant eco-friendly component of the station’s design is the integration of solar canopies above every parking stall. These canopies are expected to generate electricity that will be stored in several stationary batteries on-site. This setup not only promotes the use of renewable energy in the EV charging process but also aims to lessen the station’s dependence on the grid, potentially lowering charging costs for users.

While the construction timeline for this massive charging hub remains unspecified in the documents, the pace of Tesla’s previous projects suggests the possibility of the station becoming operational by the end of the year, marking a significant leap forward in accessible and sustainable EV charging infrastructure.

For several years, California has been at the forefront of expanding Tesla’s Supercharger network, home to some of the largest stations. The evolution began with the Kettleman City location, inaugurated in 2017 with 40 stalls, setting a precedent for the future of EV charging facilities. Subsequently, The Outlets at Tejon in the San Joaquin Valley surpassed it with 76 stalls, and later, the Harris Ranch station raised the bar even higher with 98 bays.

Despite these impressive facilities, the title for the world’s largest electric car charging station currently belongs to Shenzhen, China, boasting a staggering 637 spots.

Tesla Superchargers, known for their rapid DC fast charging capabilities, can significantly increase an EV’s range by up to 200 miles in just 15 minutes for some models. The network is celebrated for its reliability, extensive coverage, and high customer satisfaction in the United States. Globally, approximately 6,000 Tesla Superchargers are available, providing service to around 55,000 EVs simultaneously, highlighting Tesla’s substantial contribution to the EV infrastructure.

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