Mercedes-Benz plans to deploy 400 charging stations in North America by 2030.

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Get ready for a power-packed road trip! Mercedes-Benz is juicing up its EV charging game with a plan to install 400 charging stations in North America by 2030.

In the latest twist, Mercedes-Benz has roped in Buc-ee’s, the well-known travel center chain, as its dynamic duo for expanding the premium EV charging network. Brace yourself for fast-charging hubs popping up at most Buc-ee’s travel centers. The rollout kicks off with approximately 30 hubs slated to be up and running by the close of 2024. And if you’re wondering about the numbers, Buc-ee’s boasts a solid presence with 34 stores in Texas and a dozen more sprinkled across different states. Some sites even come with Tesla Superchargers.

But that’s not all—this electrifying partnership adds to the synergy already sparked with the Simon Property Group. Together, they’re on track to light up the landscape with a minimum of 55 Mercedes-Benz charging hubs across the U.S. and Canada. The road ahead just got a whole lot more charged up!

Mercedes-Benz HPC North America is revving up its plans for a widespread EV charging network in North America by 2030. The company aims to install a whopping 400 charging stations, boasting over 2,500 chargers, as part of a global initiative. They’re all about convenience and quality, taking a “value-based approach.”

Zeroing in on Buc-ee’s travel center, the first stations are already in the works. By year-end, some will be up and running. MN8 Energy, a renewable energy powerhouse, is on deck to develop and run these North American stations, promising high-power, reliable DC fast charging for all electric vehicles, no matter the charging standard.

Andrew Cornelia, the big cheese at Mercedes-Benz HPC NA, is stoked about the collaboration with Buc-ee’s. He sees it as a game-changer in their quest for a top-notch charging network. Buc-ee’s strategic spots along major travel routes, coupled with their dedication to clean and accessible perks, align perfectly with the vision. The goal? Redefine the EV charging game nationwide, offering not just value but a whole new experience for drivers.

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