How to Plan Summer Travel with an EV

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Planning your summer travel with an electric vehicle (EV) requires a bit more thought than traditional road trips. Unlike gas stations that are everywhere, EV chargers can be scarce outside cities. To ensure a smooth journey, follow these six simple tips:

  1. Know Your EV’s Range and Charging Times Start with the basics: know how far your EV can go on a single charge and how weather conditions impact it. Consumer Reports found that warm weather tends to offer the best range. Consider factors like speed, cargo, and climate settings. Familiarize yourself with charging times based on different battery levels.
  2. Plan Your Route and Embrace Some Structure While spontaneity is great, planning is key for EV road trips. Identify your destination and map out charging stations along the way. Understand the time it takes to charge your EV to reach the next spot. Keep in mind that not all charging stations are suitable for all EVs, so plan accordingly.
  3. Find EV Charging Stations on the Go Use apps like Blink Charging, PlugShare, Google Maps, or Apple Maps to locate charging stations. These tools not only show available chargers but also provide details like pricing and amenities nearby. Knowing your charging options ensures you’re never caught off guard.
  4. Check Roadside Assistance for Mobile EV Charging Confirm with your roadside assistance provider if they can assist with mobile EV charging. This is crucial, especially in less populated areas where portable charging solutions may not be readily available. Keep an eye on your battery levels to avoid needing a tow to the nearest charging point.
  5. Stay Mindful When Renting or Off-Roading If renting an EV in an unfamiliar place, inquire about charging options and research your destination. Check if your rental provider offers EV-friendly roadside assistance. Being prepared beforehand can save you from unexpected challenges on the road.
  6. Pack Windshield Cleaning Supplies Unlike traditional road trips, EVs don’t require gas stations for quick pit stops. As bugs accumulate on your windshield, having cleaning supplies on hand is essential. Add a squeegee and cleaner to your EV kit or “frunk” to keep your view clear.

In conclusion, a successful summer road trip with an EV boils down to preparation. Research your route, confirm charger availability, and carry enough cash for unexpected situations. While the NEVI program is expanding EV charging infrastructure, planning ahead ensures a hassle-free journey. Don’t forget to download the Anfu Charging App for easy access to charging points, even off the beaten path.

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