Honda Partners With EVgo And Electrify America, 100K Fast Chargers By 2030

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Honda is teaming up with Electrify America and EVgo to create a massive charging network for their upcoming electric vehicles (EVs). Although Honda and Acura currently lack pure EVs in their US lineup, that’s changing in 2024 with the Honda Prologue EV and the Acura ZDX electric SUVs.

The collaboration aims to have 100,000 DC fast chargers available to Honda EV owners by 2030. What’s interesting is that Honda is jumping into the Tesla Supercharger game too, allowing Honda EV customers to plug in with a NACS adapter.

To simplify the charging experience, Honda is rolling out a single app covering all charging needs. Through the HondaLink and Acura EV apps, customers can pay for charging, find stations, sign up for subscription plans, and more.

What sets Honda apart is being the first in the US to offer charging credits across various networks. Customers can choose from different credit packages, such as a $750 EVgo public charging credit, $500 for home charging installation, and a $300 EVgo Level 1 and 2 charging credit.

Both the Prologue EV and ZDX SUVs will feature the combined charging system (CCS) port at launch, with plans for NACS compatibility. While no specific timing is mentioned for the NACS adapter, Honda promises more details closer to the EVs’ launch date. Another Honda EV is on the horizon for 2025, featuring a built-in NACS port.

These EVs, based on General Motors’ Ultium architecture, might share some hardware with GM models. Honda admitted it could be challenging to distinguish their EVs from GM’s due to similar underpinnings.

In a broader EV community initiative, BMW, Honda, and Ford have introduced ChargeScape, LLC. This platform lets EV owners manage their energy use, offering rewards for charging during low-demand periods and feeding power back into the grid during peak times or emergencies.

Beyond these collaborations, Honda is teaming up with Sony for the Afeela electric vehicle. Set to roll out in 2025 from an Ohio plant, the Afeela promises a unique driving experience, equipped with Qualcomm chips for SAE Level 3 driver assistance systems.

In a nutshell, Honda is not just entering the EV game; it’s revolutionizing the charging experience and forming strategic partnerships to shape the future of electric mobility.

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