GM Energy Partners with FreeWire for Advanced Fleet Charging Solutions

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GM Energy Partners with FreeWire for Advanced Fleet Charging Solutions

In a groundbreaking move, California’s FreeWire Technologies has teamed up with GM Energy. Together, they’re bringing an efficient charging solution to the table: battery-powered DC fast chargers. These chargers are a game-changer for fleet operators. They pack a punch with up to 200 kW power capability, yet they’re surprisingly low-maintenance, requiring just 240V or 400V sources. This collaboration marks a significant step towards cost-effective and high-powered charging infrastructure.

General Motors’ energy management solutions are set to revolutionize the experience for fleet operators. With the integration of FreeWire’s advanced fast chargers, these operators are in for a treat. Not only will purchasing and installing these chargers become simpler, but the overall costs are significantly reduced. In fact, FreeWire’s chargers can cut installation expenses by up to 20% and operational costs by a whopping 70%. This is because they don’t need the high-powered connections that typical DC fast chargers require. It’s a smart, cost-effective solution for fleet operators looking to stay ahead in the game.

FreeWire’s cutting-edge fast chargers, available in 150 kW and 200 kW models, are a game changer thanks to their innovative battery pack. They’re designed for ultimate flexibility, easily connecting to either a common 400-volt three-phase AC or a 240V split-phase source. This adaptability makes them a perfect fit for industrial settings or large-scale operations.

Once these chargers are plugged into the grid, their built-in energy management software takes over. This smart system allows for the batteries to be charged when energy costs are lower, typically overnight when vehicles are not in use. By morning, these chargers are ready to efficiently power up the EVs for a new day’s work. This efficient cycle not only saves time but also aligns with the principle of cost-effective energy use.

FreeWire’s Boost Chargers are all about versatility and power. Each charger comes equipped with two cables: one with a CCS connector that delivers a robust 200 kW, and the other with a CHAdeMO plug for up to 100 kW. The exciting news? Starting mid-2024, they’ll also include Tesla’s NACS connector, ensuring compatibility with almost all modern EV inlets.

But here’s the smart part: when two vehicles are charging at the same time, the Boost Charger cleverly splits the power. Each EV gets up to 100 kW, ensuring efficient charging without overloading the system. This feature makes FreeWire’s chargers a top choice for fleet operators looking for flexible and powerful charging solutions.

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