Get Ready for a Revolution: How EVs Will Transform Your Truck Stop or Convenience Store

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The electric vehicle (EV) wave is about to reshape not just transportation but also the landscape of convenience stores and truck stops, especially those lining the U.S. federal highways. With a target of 50% EV sales by 2030, the time is ripe to dive into electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) for your truck stop or convenience store. Here are five compelling reasons why diving into EV charging this year is a game-changer:

Boost Your Bottom Line with EV Chargers

Installing EV charging points isn’t just about going green; it’s a savvy business move. You can rake in extra income by charging drivers for juicing up their EVs. This opportunity is even more significant if your store is strategically located in rural areas or along major highways. While the NEVI program aims to expand the EV charging network, your truck stop or store could fill crucial gaps and diversify revenue streams.

Turn EV Charging into Customer Magnet

EV chargers aren’t just power sources; they’re customer magnets. When EV drivers plug in, they become a captive audience waiting for their batteries to charge. This is your chance to upsell snacks, drinks, and other items from your shop. Consider sweetening the deal with a charging discount bundled with a meal or car wash. It’s a win-win situation – they power up, and you boost your sales.

Elevate Your Image with Sustainability

Installing EV charging stations isn’t just a business move; it’s an image booster. According to a survey by First Insight and the Wharton School, 72% of consumers consider a company’s sustainability initiatives in their purchase decisions. EV charging speaks volumes about your commitment to sustainability, attracting eco-conscious customers. It’s not just good for business; it’s good for the planet.

Get Featured on Driver Apps with Blink Network

Become the go-to charging spot by joining the Blink Network. By integrating your EV chargers with popular driver apps like Google Maps, Apple Maps, and PlugShare, you enhance visibility. Drivers can easily locate your charging station and your business through the Blink Charging Mobile App. Stay ahead in the game by being where your customers are looking.

Future-Proof Your Business with EV Charging

As the automotive landscape shifts towards electric, your truck stop or convenience store must keep up. While daily charging happens at home or workplaces, public locations like yours will continue supporting travelers and truckers. Installing EV charging stations ensures your business stays competitive. Consider installing multiple chargers and prep additional spots for future expansion, saving on future installations. An Anfu Charging sales manager can guide you through an EV charging site assessment, ensuring you’re prepared for the electric future.

Convenience stores and truck stops are pivotal in steering the U.S. towards sustainable transportation. Embrace the EV revolution now, and be ready for the imminent future dominated by electric vehicles. Contact Anfu Charging today to explore our EV charging solutions and schedule your site assessment. Don’t miss the chance to get ahead in the game!

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