Germany Powers Up: 10 Companies Secured Contracts for 8,000 DC Fast Chargers

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Get ready for a boost in electric vehicle (EV) charging across Germany! The German Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV) just unveiled the champs – ten companies set to construct a whopping 900 DC fast charging stations equipped with nearly 8,000 individual EV chargers. That’s some serious juice, ranging from 4 to 16 chargers per site.

This gig is part of the first-ever tender for the “Deutschlandnetz” (Germany network), a mission to supercharge the EV charging infrastructure nationwide. But wait, there’s more! A second tender is on the horizon, promising extra fast-charging spots at 200 unmanaged motorway rest stops on the autobahn, with a grand total of 1,000 new fast chargers (4-8 per site).

Who made the winning squad? Mostly German companies, with a sprinkle of European flavor like Fastned:

  1. Allego GmbH
  2. BayWa Mobility Solutions GmbH
  3. E.ON Drive Infrastructure GmbH
  4. Eviny Elektrifisering AS
  5. Fastned Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG
  6. EWE Go HOCHTIEF Ladepartner GmbH & Co. KG
  7. Mer Germany GmbH
  8. Pfalzwerke AG
  9. Total Energies Marketing Deutschland GmbH
  10. Via Deutschlandnetz (VINCI Concessions Deutschland GmbH)

These 900 fast-charging spots aren’t just randomly scattered. They strategically consider the surge in EVs hitting the roads and make sure not to waste any existing infrastructure.

TotalEnergies, one of the champs, spilled the beans on their game plan. They’re rolling out 134 stations, aka EV hubs, spanning Eastern, Central, and Western Germany, flaunting around 1,100 high-power charge (HPC) points. A big move for TotalEnergies as part of their grand scheme to hit 1,000 sites across Europe by 2028.

Fastned is jumping in with 92 new sites, each packing up to 16 charging stalls – a major leap from their current 37 sites in Germany. Allego is joining the race too, gearing up to construct 48 spanking new sites.

In a nutshell, Germany is about to be decked out with a dense DC fast-charging setup, featuring multiple networks to keep things competitive. While Tesla is playing it cool and not in the mix, their existing network of around 180 stations and nearly 2,500 individual stalls is holding its own. Amping up the EV game – Germany, you’re on fire!

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