Ford, GM EVs To Get Access To Tesla Superchargers In February 2024

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Exciting news for General Motors and Ford electric vehicle owners! In February 2024, Tesla is set to unlock its extensive Supercharger network, providing access to over 12,000 DC fast chargers for drivers of GM and Ford EVs. The inside scoop comes directly from Tesla’s Charging Infrastructure Design Manager, Jennifer Pretare.

Now, this isn’t your typical Twitter announcement or an easily traceable source. Nope, it was revealed in an unconventional way—through a lengthy two-hour YouTube video of a city planning meeting in Farr West City, Utah. The video, hidden among the depths of YouTube with less than 80 subscribers, was dug up by Electrek. Talk about a needle in a haystack!

Pretare spilled the beans during the meeting, mentioning that GM and Ford, the first to ink a deal with Tesla for Supercharger access, will kick off their charging privilege in February 2024. This includes the upcoming charging stations in Far West City. According to Pretare, other car manufacturers have also hopped on the bandwagon, adopting Tesla’s charging port in the past year.

In her own words, “The first company, Ford, and then GM are starting in February of 2024. Once they have the charge port and software ready to talk to our charging stations, they’ll be good to go.” So, mark your calendars, GM and Ford EV enthusiasts—February 2024 is when the Supercharger doors swing open for you!

“We’re gradually welcoming other carmakers on board, step by step, to avoid being overwhelmed all at once,” she explained in the meeting.

Here’s an intriguing nugget: at this specific station, two stalls are specially designed for EVs with towing capabilities. Tesla’s representative mentioned that a Cybertruck with a trailer could easily pull into one of those spots.

Ford took the lead among major car companies by announcing that its EV owners would have access to Tesla’s extensive fast charging network. General Motors and several other manufacturers followed suit, seizing an opportunity to address a primary concern for potential EV owners: the availability and reliability of DC fast chargers.

With its nearly flawless self-proclaimed uptime score, the Tesla Supercharger network stands out as arguably the best in North America. It’s no wonder other manufacturers want to tap into it.

When Ford unveiled its collaboration with Tesla in May, CEO Jim Farley hinted at the possibility of future Ford EVs having two charging ports – CCS and NACS. However, a more practical initial option could involve using an adapter. This aligns with GM’s approach, as EVs produced from 2025 onward are set to adopt Tesla’s North American Charging Standard.

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