Frequently Asked Questions

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Are you Trading Company or manufacturer?

  We are professional EV charger manufacturer.

How long to fully charge a car?

To know how long to charge a car, you need to know the OBC(on board charger) power of the car, the car battery capacity, the charger power. The hours to fully charge a car =battery kw.h/obc or charger power the lower one. For e.g, the battery is 40kw.h, OBC is 7kw, charger is 22kw, the 40/7=5.7hours. If the obc is 22kw, then 40/22=1.8hours.

Does the company offer custom products?

AMPPAL support the OEM and ODM.

Does AMPPAL products comply with international standards?

The products have independent intellectual property rights, computer software copyright , keptop certification , telecommunication Technology labs test report, as well as CCC/CE/TUV/CB and other well-known certification at home and abroad.

OCPP docking agreement is 1.6J ?



DLB (Dynamic Load Balancing) is available in the AMPPAL AF series AC EV Charger for home use, when the EV charger is working with other household appliances at the same time, the DLB box can maintain the dynamic balance of the total household current and ensure the safety of electricity to avoid home over load.


Monitors the electrical system and in the event of a fault automatically disconnects all poles including the earth conductor.

If the user uses an EV charger equipped with PEN protection, its internal design has a contactor to cut off the ground, once the PEN line is cut off, the contactor KM1 and KM2 are immediately and automatically disconnected, there is only a weak leakage current between CP and PE to L line, its current value is less than 1mA, which is the smallest perceived leakage current of the human body, people can disengage themselves, no safety risks.

What is the warranty period of the product?

The normal warranty period is 2 years. The guarantee period can be extended according to customer requirements.

Do you provide free samples?

Not free, samples need to be charged.

What is the minimum order quantity?

1 Piece for sample order,  5PCS for massive order.

Do you test all your chargers before shipping?

All major components are tested before assembly and each charger is fully tested before shipped.