EVgo Boosts Fast Charging Network with ReNew Program

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EVgo, a major player in the electric vehicle fast-charging scene, just spilled the beans on their ReNew program’s impact. Over 120 charging stalls got a facelift – upgraded, swapped out, or retired – in the first half of this year.

Their mission? To crank up reliability and enhance the user journey. Picture six pillars: Resilience, Prevention, Diagnostics, Rapid Response, Analysis, and Continuous Customer Service – all aimed at making your EV charging experience top-notch.

Talking hardware, EVgo gave a makeover to more than 120 stalls in key US markets. Total tally since the year kicked off? Over 350 DC fast-charging stalls nationwide.

Here’s the juice: they’re not just upping the power output (almost all stations activated in 2023 boast 350-kilowatt fast chargers), they’re also beefing up sites. A whopping 95% of all sites have at least four stalls, and 40% under construction will feature a cool six stalls. Plus, for the smooth operators out there, EVgo pumped up its Autocharge+ service with eight new models for a grand total of about 30 models (CCS only).

What else? Repair times got slashed by half in the last 12 months – a game-changer. And here’s a kicker: EVgo’s aiming for a One & Done success rate of over 95% by the end of 2023. They’re tight-lipped about the current rate but spilled the beans that it shot up by six percentage points in the first half of the year.

EVgo’s a big deal with 900 fast-charging spots in 60 metropolitan areas across 30 states. They’re teaming up with General Motors, hitting 1,000 charging stall installations, and hinting at even more NACS charging connectors in the pipeline. Get ready for the charge of your EV life!

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