Essential EV Charging Station Apps for Your Phone

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Essential EV Charging Station Apps for Your Phone

As an EV owner, having the right apps on your phone can make finding and using charging stations much easier. Here are some of the top EV charging station apps you should consider downloading.

1. PlugShare

Overview: PlugShare is a comprehensive app that provides a map of EV charging stations worldwide. It includes user reviews, photos, and real-time availability information.


  • Find nearby charging stations
  • Filter by plug type, network, and charging speed
  • Read reviews and see photos from other users
  • Plan long trips with charging stops
  • Check real-time availability of charging stations

Download: PlugShare for iOS | PlugShare for Android

2. ChargePoint

Overview: ChargePoint operates one of the largest EV charging networks. Their app allows you to find ChargePoint stations, start charging sessions, and monitor your charging status.


  • Locate ChargePoint stations
  • Start and stop charging sessions
  • View real-time charging status
  • Get notifications when your vehicle is fully charged
  • Track your charging history and expenses

Download: ChargePoint for iOS | ChargePoint for Android

3. EVgo

Overview: EVgo offers a network of fast charging stations. Their app helps you find EVgo stations, check availability, and initiate charging sessions.


  • Find EVgo charging stations
  • Check station availability in real-time
  • Start and stop charging sessions
  • Get directions to the nearest EVgo station
  • View your charging history

Download: EVgo for iOS | EVgo for Android

4. Electrify America

Overview: Electrify America provides a network of ultra-fast charging stations. Their app allows you to locate stations, start charging, and view real-time status updates.


  • Locate Electrify America charging stations
  • Start and stop charging sessions
  • Check real-time charger availability
  • Receive notifications about your charging session
  • View charging history and session details

Download: Electrify America for iOS | Electrify America for Android

5. Tesla

Overview: If you own a Tesla, the Tesla app is essential. It allows you to find Supercharger locations, monitor your charging status, and manage other vehicle functions.


  • Locate Tesla Supercharger stations
  • Start and stop charging sessions
  • Monitor real-time charging status
  • Receive notifications when charging is complete
  • Control other vehicle functions remotely

Download: Tesla for iOS | Tesla for Android


These apps are indispensable for any EV owner, providing essential information and control over your charging experience. By downloading and using these apps, you can ensure that you always have access to charging stations, manage your charging sessions efficiently, and make the most of your EV ownership.

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