Enhancements to Electrify America’s App for Better Charger Visibility

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Enhancements to Electrify America's App for Better Charger Visibility

Electrify America, noted for its expansive DC fast charger network and some concerns about charger reliability, is introducing an upgrade to its smartphone application. This update is designed to enable customers to easily identify chargers that are currently out of service.

The app’s new features were announced on the company’s official social media account, along with several other enhancements aimed at both the app and the charging network. Key among these improvements is the ability for users to see real-time status of chargers. Additionally, the app now offers a more straightforward way to report issues, with a drop-down menu for users to select specific problems. This enhancement is part of Electrify America’s effort to improve the user experience, addressing previous criticisms about the app’s ease of use.

It’s important to recall that Electrify America ranked lowest in the J.D. Power US Electric Vehicle Experience (EVX) Public Charging Study for DC fast charging last year, scoring 538 out of a possible 1,000 points. This placed them behind other networks like Tesla’s Supercharger, ChargePoint, and EVgo.

In response, Electrify America’s recent updates are directly targeting the issue of charger reliability. Notably, the company has undertaken the replacement of power modules to enhance the consistency and efficiency of power delivery across its network. This is a significant step in addressing the concerns highlighted in the J.D. Power study.

Another notable change is the introduction of idle fees at more locations throughout the United States. This strategy is expected to increase the availability of Electrify America’s DC fast chargers. While the company has not specified which locations will be subject to idle fees, this information is conveniently accessible through the updated smartphone app. This series of updates indicates Electrify America’s commitment to improving its service and user experience.

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