Empowering Dealerships: Meeting the Demand for EV Charging

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Electric vehicle (EV) sales are on the rise, but many dealerships face a unique challenge – a lack of adequate electrical power to charge multiple EVs simultaneously. These establishments were designed in the era of internal combustion engine (ICE) dominance, lacking the electrical infrastructure needed for widespread EV charging. With the new mandate to incorporate Level 2 and DC fast chargers, dealership managers must navigate electrical upgrades to stay competitive. Let’s delve into the essentials of boosting your dealership’s power.

Unveiling the EV Charging Challenge: A Case from Minnesota

A recent segment on Inside Automotive by CBT News highlighted the predicament faced by Audi Minneapolis. While the dealership operated solely with traditional vehicles, relying on its gasoline storage, the shift to EVs posed a fresh hurdle. Unlike smaller commercial properties that can install a couple of chargers with minimal upgrades, dealerships planning substantial installations of Level 2 or DC fast chargers often find themselves in need of a more robust power solution.

In Audi Minneapolis’s case, the solution involved installing a dedicated electrical transformer to meet the demand of the new chargers. The collaboration with Blink proved crucial in determining the power requirements and devising a cost-effective strategy for implementation.

Getting Started with EV Charging

Anfu, a trusted EV charging provider approved by several OEMs, collaborates with numerous dealerships to facilitate seamless transitions. Consider the purpose of your charging stations – direct current fast chargers are ideal for customer delivery lots, while Level 2 chargers suit overnight inventory charging. If public accessibility is your goal, opt for an easy-to-use Level 2 charger with diverse payment options or even consider public DC fast charging.

Strategic Planning and Installation

Embarking on an installation journey begins with a comprehensive site assessment. Your facilities team, electrical contractor, and Anfu sales manager will evaluate your site and pinpoint your electrical needs. While installing Level 2 chargers is relatively straightforward, the introduction of new DC fast chargers often necessitates electrical upgrades, site modifications, and permitting.

Choosing Anfu as your partner offers the advantage of working with your preferred electrical contractors. Ensure they possess expertise in EV charging and are well-versed in local codes for a smooth installation process.

Anfu’s Support for Dealerships

Transitioning from a traditional dealership to an EV-focused one is a significant endeavor requiring collaboration among the dealership, installation contractor, and electricity provider. Choosing the right partners ensures a seamless, cost-effective transition that caters to current and future charging demands.

Is your dealership ready for the shift? Reach out to Anfu Charging today to initiate your site assessment and receive pricing details. Empower your dealership for the EV revolution.

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