Electrify America To Replace 600 Chargers In California, Invest $172 Million

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Electrify America is revving up its game in California, planning to switch out 600 chargers across 130 cities. These upgrades are part of the “Cycle 4” regional investment plan, a $172 million commitment. Admittedly, their charging experience hasn’t been topping the charts, trailing behind Tesla Supercharger, Charge Point, and EVgo in JD Power’s 2023 Customer Satisfaction Index. Acknowledging this, Electrify America is making moves for improvement.

Just like any tech, EV charging stations need a little TLC due to wear and tear, safety concerns, environmental exposure, and the ever-advancing tech landscape. The initial charging stations from 2018, in Cycle 1 and Cycle 2, are now showing signs of age in 2023. The wear and tear are affecting reliability and the overall EV charging experience.

To fix this, Electrify America is dropping a cool $172 million in California. $80 million is earmarked for upgrading and maintaining existing sites, and $92 million is set for expansion. Before the old chargers get the boot, they’ll consider factors like age, usage, performance, customer feedback, location, parts availability, and serviceability.

But here’s the twist – Electrify America is also giving its Gen 4 chargers a facelift. Picture this: an improved human-machine interface (HMI) screen, 18-foot cables, and better remote diagnostic abilities. The completion timeline for this overhaul is a bit of a mystery, and we’re not sure if all replacements will sport the Gen 4 hardware. We’ve fired off a few questions to Electrify America to clear things up.

Post “Cycle 4,” Electrify America will have poured $800 million into California in a decade. Nationally, they had 800 stations in 2022, dishing out 173 gigawatt hours of electricity. The company proudly claims to have saved over 21.5 million gallons of gasoline. Stay tuned as we peel back more layers on Electrify America’s electrifying journey.

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