Electrify America Illuminates North Dakota with New Charging Station

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Juicing up the journey, Electrify America, a heavyweight in the U.S. EV fast-charging arena, has just powered up its premier station in North Dakota.

This move is a key stride in bridging the charging gap up north, paving the way for electric vehicle adoption from coast to coast. The map tells the story – there are notable holes in the EV infrastructure quilt in the northern territories.

Zooming out a bit, Electrify America boasts a robust presence, with a whopping 840 stations housing over 3,700 speedy chargers spread across 47 states.

Nestled in The Shoppes at Jamestown, 2617 8th Ave along Interstate 94, the new North Dakota station boasts six of Electrify America’s next-gen chargers, flexing their muscle with an impressive 350-kilowatt output. Currently rocking the CCS1 charging plug, these chargers are future-proof, with a nod towards a NACS option down the road at Electrify America.

Brandy Mathie, head of site acquisition and portfolio management at Electrify America, announced, “Now, with our presence in North Dakota, electric vehicle enthusiasts can experience lightning-fast charging across 47 states. This marks a major step in making EV ownership accessible to everyone.”

According to the company, alongside the existing station in Jamestown, another is set to launch soon near Interstate 29 in Grand Forks. North Dakota will see two more stations next year, bringing the total to four. A similar expansion is planned for other northern states, facilitating electric vehicle travel over long distances.

It’s crucial to recognize that a weaker charging infrastructure often stems from a lower number of electric vehicles in the region. This was emphasized in a recent report from the Department of Energy’s Vehicle Technologies Office. North Dakota had a mere 1.3 plug-in electric car registrations per thousand people in 2022 – notably below the national average of 8.66.

Investing in new charging stations in areas with low EV adoption poses challenges. However, there’s hope that the gradual improvement in EV adoption will drive positive change.

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