Diving into EV Charging for Multifamily Living

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Residents in multifamily dwellings are all about modern comforts. The National Association of Home Builders highlights the top trends in these spaces: eco-friendliness, energy savings, smart gadgets, and building-wide Wi-Fi. In a 2021 survey by Multifamily Design+Construction, electric vehicle (EV) charging ranked third as a sought-after upgrade.

EV charging is reshaping the housing scene. Here’s your guide to incorporating it into your multifamily community.

Getting Started with Multifamily EV Charging

Before you jump into installing EV charging stations, do some homework. It’s wise to figure out how many chargers your community actually needs.

Step 1: Know Your Tenants

While some places go all-in with chargers for every spot, it’s costly if not every tenant owns an electric vehicle. Survey your current and future tenants to gauge the demand. Questions like, “How many own EVs?” and “How often do they plan to charge?” can set the stage.

Consider asking:

  • How many tenants have electric vehicles?
  • How many might buy one soon?
  • How often they anticipate charging?

This survey gives you a baseline, even if your tenant mix changes over time.

Step 2: Check Your Power Supply

Installing chargers means assessing your property’s electrical capacity. Ask your electrician if your building can handle additional power needs or if an upgrade is necessary.

Level 2 chargers, the next step from basic Level 1 cables, rely on your property’s 208/240-volt power. Commercial 50amp and 80amp charging stations offer a valuable amenity, but be sure your property can handle the added power load. Upgrading electrical infrastructure might be necessary before installation.

Load Management

To cut EV infrastructure costs, consider local load management. While the National Electrical Code mandates a separate circuit for each charger, existing buildings might lack the needed capacity.

Anfu Local Load Management comes to the rescue, allowing more stations on a limited budget. With power-sharing, you can split available power evenly between chargers in use. For instance, if you’re limited to a 100amp breaker but want two 80amp chargers, power-sharing makes it work. The first vehicle gets the full 80amp; when the next plugs in, power is divided, enabling both to charge at 40amp. Once one finishes, its power becomes available for others, making it cost-effective and infrastructure-friendly.

Discover the perks of going electric in your multifamily property! Many states and local governments throw in tax breaks and sweet incentives for getting those EV chargers installed. Anfu has your back, rounding up all these perks in a user-friendly tool for both homes and businesses.

For property owners diving into the EV game, putting in those chargers isn’t just practical; it’s a savvy move. Attract tenants, flaunt your green side, pump up property value, and hey, make some extra cash – all while future-proofing your place.

Feeling a bit lost? Anfu has your charging solution. You can bring in your own electrical whiz or tap into our recommended pros. We’re here to team up with you, making installation a breeze.

Ready to power up your property? Connect with our EV whizzes for a tailored quote today!

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