Courtesy Guidelines for Electric Vehicle Owners

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Courtesy Guidelines for Electric Vehicle Owners

Everyone understands the importance of good manners, and sticking to these simple rules will turn you into the most appreciated EV driver in the parking lot.

Charging Spaces Are Reserved for Charging

It might sound straightforward, but vehicles that aren’t in the process of charging shouldn’t take up spots designated for this purpose. It’s courteous to relocate your car promptly after charging is complete, making room for the next person in line. Although a brief wait of about 10 minutes might not bother most, occupying a charging spot for extended periods after your vehicle is fully charged is frowned upon among the EV community. To manage this, some apps offer the feature of online waiting lists, making it clear whose turn is next.

Avoid Overstaying

It’s a common misconception that charging spots double as exclusive parking for EVs, but that’s not their purpose. Regardless of whether you’ve charged your vehicle that day, using these spots as personal parking is inappropriate. Additionally, remember that once a battery hits 80% charge, the charging pace slows down significantly. Therefore, occupying a charging spot just to “top off” your battery, especially when others are waiting, is seen as inconsiderate.

Respect Others’ Charging Sessions

It’s equally important to refrain from disconnecting other vehicles, even if they seem to have overstayed their welcome at a charging station. However, there are exceptions to this rule. If you’re absolutely certain the vehicle is fully charged and you’re in urgent need—say your battery is at 10% and you’re facing an emergency—it’s considered acceptable to unplug the vehicle. Another exception is if the vehicle has a clearly visible sticker indicating it’s okay to be unplugged. Applying such stickers or signs to your vehicle is a thoughtful gesture, especially if you’re prone to forgetting to move your car promptly after charging. This practice helps preserve a friendly and cooperative environment among EV drivers.

Maintain a Clean Charging Area

Ensure you don’t leave charging cables scattered on the ground. Take the time to neatly coil them up and place the plug in its designated spot, even if it wasn’t like that when you arrived. Cables left out can trip up other drivers or pedestrians, creating a safety risk and potentially putting the station host at legal risk. Also, make sure not to leave any trash, like cans or snack wrappers, around the charging station. Keep in mind, part of the reason for choosing an EV is its environmental benefits—let’s extend that respect to the surroundings at charging stations.

Support Your Fellow EV Drivers

Sharing information with other EV drivers about charger locations, their current availability, the charging rates, and any associated parking fees is seen as a helpful and courteous practice. Platforms like PlugShare compile and disseminate this type of information to its users. Interestingly, the most frequent grievances voiced on these platforms tend to center around drivers not adhering to the first rule of promptly unplugging their vehicles once charged. Remember, showing consideration by disconnecting your car after charging fosters a positive community atmosphere.

Act Responsibly in Residential Areas

When using a charger located in a residential area, consider yourself part of that community. Noise pollution from loud music, shouting, or boisterous conversations near charging stations, particularly after 9 pm, can annoy local residents. Similarly, leaving trash or causing a mess is frowned upon. Such behavior can lead to complaints, which in turn might risk the removal of the charging facility. Driving an EV and contributing to environmental conservation doesn’t excuse discourteous behavior. Good manners and community spirit are always in fashion, ensuring you’re the kind of EV owner everyone appreciates. Keep these principles in mind, and you’re all set for a smooth charging experience.

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