Consumer Reports Names Tesla Model Y 2024’s Top Electric Vehicle

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Consumer Reports Names Tesla Model Y 2024's Top Electric Vehicle

Consumer Reports has awarded the Tesla Model Y the title of the best electric vehicle for 2024, also recognizing it as one of the top ten cars overall. This follows the vehicle’s success in 2023 when it became the world’s best-selling car across all categories, marking another prestigious accolade for the Model Y as it continues its streak into 2024.

Despite Consumer Reports’ history of scrutinizing Tesla for various reasons, the “Best Car of the Year” award is strictly based on the car itself. This distinction underscores the Tesla Model Y’s excellence in performance and features, areas where Tesla vehicles have consistently stood out.

Overall, ten vehicles earned the title of “Best Car of the Year” across different categories, with the Model Y securing its win in the “Electric Vehicle” category. In awarding the Model Y, Consumer Reports mentioned:

The Model Y tops the electric car platform shared with the Model 3; its SUV-like body provides more passenger and cargo space than the sedan does. It makes going electric easy, thanks to its appealing midsized packaging, long driving range, and robust Supercharger compatibility, allowing rapid recharging across a vast charging network.

The Model Y is stunningly quick in Long Range and Performance trims, going from 0 to 60 mph in under 5 seconds. Plus, it handles like a sports car, with responsive steering and minimal body roll in turns. Features are added and enhanced through over-the-air upgrades, so this already good car can get even better over time.

Consumer Reports regards the Model Y as an exceptionally appealing option, a sentiment echoed by consumers worldwide, evident in its impressive global sales exceeding 1.2 million units last year.

Criteria for selection as a top pick include:

Consumer Reports selects 10 Top Picks each year, based on road-test performance, predicted reliability, owner satisfaction, and safety. (All Top Picks come standard with automatic emergency braking that works both at low speeds with pedestrian detection and at highway speeds.)

Consumer Reports selected just one pure electric vehicle as a winner in the ‘Best Cars of the Year’ category.You can check out the full list of Consumer Reports’ “Best Cars of the Year” here.

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