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Client Name: Yunnan Shangao New Energy Co., Ltd.

Project Name: Chenggong Kunbai New Metropolitan Charging Station (Basement Level Two)

Product Name: Direct Current Charging Station

Model Number: AF-DC-160-Y-B-Z-H

Quantity: 38 Units

Acceptance Date: December 10, 2020

Project Background

Yunnan Shangao New Energy Co., Ltd., a leader in sustainable energy solutions, embarked on an ambitious project to enhance the electric vehicle infrastructure in the Chenggong area. The objective was to establish a reliable and efficient charging station network, catering to the growing demand for electric vehicles in the region.

Solution Provided

Anfu Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. was chosen as the supplier for this critical initiative. The model AF-DC-160-Y-B-Z-H, a state-of-the-art direct current charging station, was selected for its robust performance and reliability. (Please note this project is based in China and the corresponding European or US charging station series can be found here: charging stations) 38 units were installed at the newly constructed Chenggong Kunbai New Metropolitan Charging Station, strategically located in the basement level two of the facility.

Engineering Excellence

Quality Assurance

The project underwent a rigorous engineering acceptance process on December 10, 2020. The quality of work was deemed to meet and exceed contractual requirements. The onsite technical service personnel were recognized for their exceptional professionalism and expertise in executing the project.

Performance and Reliability

Since the installation and commencement of operations, the charging stations have functioned impeccably. There have been zero quality issues reported from the start of operation on December 10, 2020, to the present. This achievement underscores the reliability and durability of the products and services provided.

Client Testimonial

Yunnan Shangao New Energy Co., Ltd. commended Anfu Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. for their adherence to contractual obligations and trustworthiness. The periodic inspections conducted as per the agreement have consistently affirmed the stable performance and efficient operation of each charging station.

Outcome and Impact

The Chenggong Kunbai New Metropolitan Charging Station has become a pivotal component in the region’s electric vehicle infrastructure. The successful implementation of this project has:

  • Enhanced the reliability and accessibility of EV charging facilities.
  • Contributed to the region’s commitment to sustainable and green transportation.
  • Fostered consumer confidence in the use of electric vehicles, thereby promoting environmental conservation.

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