Considering Fleet EVs and Charging: Key Factors to Ponder

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Electric vehicles (EVs) are a game-changer for businesses, offering savings on company cars and a boost to the corporate image. Beyond the reduced maintenance costs, deploying home and commercial chargers can lead to significant fuel savings. If you’re eyeing the transition to electric for your take-home fleet, here are crucial points to mull over.

Adjusting Your Take-Home Vehicle Policy for EVs

If your company already provides vehicles to your fleet, switching to EVs requires some tweaks. Your drivers might need a crash course on using and charging EVs if they’re new to the game. Plus, they must have a reliable place to charge. Consider bundling a home charger, like the HQ 150 or HQ 200, with every EV. This ensures your fleet starts each day charged up and ready to roll.

Tracking EV Fleet Fuel Costs

Switching to EVs alters how you handle fuel costs. Blink provides two solutions for North American fleet managers. The HQ 150 is a budget-friendly home charger, ideal for fleets offering a per diem for fuel. If you prefer reimbursing based on actual energy used, the wifi-enabled HQ 200 allows drivers to monitor and submit their energy usage for reimbursement.

Installing the Home Charger

Earlier fleets had hardwired charging stations, but today’s trend is towards plug-and-play models. Opt for an EV charger that can be plugged into a NEMA 14-50 plug. This not only simplifies installation but also makes it easier to uninstall if an employee leaves.

Consider having a licensed electrician install the home charger if the hardwired route is chosen.

Employee Readiness for Home Charging

Your employees’ living situations play a pivotal role in your EV plan. Apartment or condo dwellers may face challenges installing home chargers, relying instead on workplace or public chargers. On the flip side, those with a home garage or carport have it easier. Anfu collaborates with companies to help employees install EV charging stations at home. Discussions with your EV drivers and electrician will cover topics like landlord permissions, distance to the breaker panel, available amperage, and any needed electrical upgrades.

Whether you’re gearing up for an immediate fleet overhaul or a gradual transition, updating your take-home vehicle policy is the first step. Need guidance? Anfu is ready with home, depot, and fast charging solutions. Start your consultation.

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