Chinese Enterprises Shine at the Smarter E Europe Exhibition

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Chinese Enterprises Shine at the Smarter E Europe Exhibition
Chinese Enterprises Shine at the Smarter E Europe Exhibition

Regardless of whether it’s to break through the limitations of the domestic market, explore the vast international market demand, increase sales, diversify market risks, or to gain international experience to reinvest into the domestic market, the call of “either go overseas or be left out” has emerged in various industries.

More and more enterprises are setting sail to participate in global competition, with many companies beginning to “storm the beaches” by leveraging overseas trade shows. Aided by international exhibitions, the majority of Chinese companies have also accelerated their pace of going global.

The Smarter E Europe: A Spotlight on Sustainable Energy

From June 19th to 21st, 2024, the 3-day Smarter E Europe exhibition, one of the world’s leading trade fairs for the clean energy industry, was held as scheduled in Munich, Germany.

Intersolar Europe, which focuses on the solar photovoltaic industry, is one of the four parallel exhibitions that make up the Smarter E Europe. The other three exhibitions are ees Europe (energy storage and green hydrogen), Power2Drive Europe (electric vehicles and charging infrastructure), and EM-Power Europe (energy management and grids).

As the world’s largest and most influential solar energy trade fair to date, Intersolar Europe has attracted numerous renowned international industry enterprises.

According to the information, the exhibition was held at the new Munich International Exhibition Center, with a total exhibition area exceeding 132,000 square meters and over 1,500 participating enterprises.

The yellow areas on the exhibition map indicate the Intersolar exhibition zones, including A1-A6, C1, C4, B3, B4, and part of the outdoor area. The blue areas are for the energy storage exhibition, the green areas are for the electric vehicle charging equipment exhibition, and the red areas are for the power grid exhibition.

The electric vehicle charging equipment exhibition area is located in B6 and C6.

Concurrent with the solar photovoltaic exhibition, battery storage exhibition, electric vehicle charging equipment exhibition, and smart grid exhibition, there were also displays of industrial “energy storage+” case studies, integrated solar-storage-charging solutions, core technologies for safe energy storage, and digital energy empowerment.

The EV Charging Research Institute has compiled a list of Chinese enterprises participating in the electric vehicle charging equipment exhibition area based on the official website of the exhibition. Due to space limitations, only a partial display of the participating companies is provided below, in no particular order. Any omissions are welcome to be supplemented.

Chinese Enterprises in the EV Charging Equipment Exhibition

Hangzhou Aoneng Power Equipment: Established in 2000, Hangzhou Aoneng is a nationally recognized high-tech enterprise that integrates R&D, production, sales, and service. The company has been deeply engaged in the new energy field for more than 20 years and has distinct advantages in the fields of photovoltaics, energy storage, microgrids, and smart power grids. It is a renowned provider of integrated smart energy solutions for the entire city, committed to providing top-level design, solution implementation, and technical support for the entire city’s distributed photovoltaic scenario and new energy vehicle charging and energy storage scenarios, realizing the intelligent monitoring, operation and maintenance, and smart operation of green energy.

Anhui Light Industry International Trading: One of the largest cable factories in China, focused on the cable industry for more than 20 years, with excellent product quality and highly competitive prices. The company has CQC, TUV, DEKAR, CE, UL, ISO14001, and IATF16949 certifications.

Ningbo Juncheng Group: Juncheng Group is a global top 100 automotive parts enterprise and one of China’s top 500 enterprises, with business layouts in four major continents and strategic partnerships with world-leading automakers such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi. As Juncheng Group’s high-quality ecological service provider in the smart energy service sector, Juncheng Group is committed to building a charging network.

Ningbo Fujiayi: Ningbo Fujiayi Smart Technology Co., Ltd., headquartered in Ningbo Pilot Free Trade Zone, has an industry-leading in-house R&D team, dedicated to innovative research and development of electric vehicle charging equipment and related components, as well as automotive intelligent connectivity systems. Their main products include portable electric vehicle chargers, electric vehicle charging piles, electric vehicle mobile charging boxes, electric vehicle charging cables and plugs, and accessories.

EVbee: EVbee, with a professional R&D team of over 120 people, has self-developed “charging guns + smart energy control system + solar-storage-charging power system + EVbee SaaS cloud management”, and has won over 200 patents globally, forming a complete charging ecosystem and smart energy management system. Centered on its headquarters in Suzhou, China, EVbee has established wholly-owned subsidiaries in the Netherlands, the United States, and Southeast Asia. Currently, EVbee has reached strategic cooperation with leading partners across China and around the world, and its products and services have covered more than 90 countries globally, becoming the choice of over 3 million households worldwide.

Zhejiang Jumag Intelligence: Zhejiang Jumag Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company dedicated to the research and development of magnetic-electric sensing and control chip technology, serving major infrastructure sectors such as new energy vehicles and smart grid. From sensor control chip development, to sensor control module development and production, to the development of IoT application solutions, the company achieves multi-dimensional integrated innovation within the ecosystem.

Shanghai Xunchao New Energy: Established in 2011, Xunchao New Energy is a national high-tech enterprise that integrates R&D, production, and marketing. Based on its rich industry accumulation and technical deposits, Xunchao New Energy follows market trends and explores customer demands, focusing on new energy vehicle AC charging facilities, and specializing in the manufacture of various intelligent charging pile products. The company also has professional installation qualifications, providing one-stop services including consultation, installation, and maintenance.

Basba New Energy: Basba focuses on the research and development of high-voltage system integration solutions for new energy vehicles, with a product line covering busbars, high-voltage connectors, charging connectors, high-voltage harnesses, high-voltage relays, PDU/BDU, and charging piles.

Shenzhen Yipu Leisure: A global electric vehicle charging solution provider, outstanding in AC/DC chargers, power modules, and software platforms, providing world-class solutions for global electric vehicle charging demands.

Shenzhen Xiaojiao Technology: A high-tech enterprise dedicated to home electric vehicle charging piles, focusing on the research, design, production, and sales of new energy charging equipment. Supporting OCPP-1.6J/2.0.1 open charging platform, with ISO15118 communication protocol capability (to realize seamless payment), and supporting Tesla one-click cover opening and vehicle-end charging reservation, etc.

Shenzhen Hongjiali New Energy: A high-tech and specialized enterprise engaged in new energy electric vehicle charging, battery swap, solar-storage-charging integration, and electric power conversion comprehensive solutions. The company has independently developed a solar-storage-charge-discharge-swap integrated trial operation and management platform. So far, it has provided equipment, platform services, and professional charging station construction and operation solutions for customers in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Guangzhou Ruishun Intelligence: A research and development-oriented enterprise with a strong technical background, long-engaged in the design and development of high-power supercharging, energy storage, and charging inverter power supplies. The company has complete design solutions and a full industrial chain in the three core product directions of super-fast charging equipment, high-power energy storage equipment, and charging and inverter systems.

Guangzhou Changjiang New Energy: A high-tech private enterprise specializing in the research, development, production, and sales of cables and ancillary products, with nearly 30 years of history in the cable industry. The company is mainly dedicated to the research, design, manufacturing, marketing, and service of special cables for new energy vehicles and charging piles, high-frequency signal transmission cables, high-end household wires, industrial and control cables, flexible cables, data cables, and communication cables.

Guangdong Chongwei: A company engaged in the R&D, design, production, and sales of electric vehicle charging piles and charging guns. The company has its own factory with an area of more than 20,000 square meters, with an annual production capacity of 1.2 million charging piles, and a future planned annual production capacity of 2 million charging piles, making it a leading charging pile production enterprise in western Guangdong. The company provides one-stop solutions for new energy vehicle charging. Since 2018, the company has cumulatively exported more than 200,000 sets of European standard charging piles.

Guangdong Aippurla New Energy: Aippurla is a national high-tech enterprise with innovative scientific and technological capabilities as its core competitiveness, focusing on the R&D, production, sales, and service of new energy electric charging equipment, established in 2015.

Kaiwei Lai (Wuxi) New Energy: Focused on the design, manufacturing, sales, and service of new energy vehicle charging and distribution systems, with main products including charging piles, charging guns, discharge guns, charging cables, and power distribution units.

Taisheng Energy Technology: Taisheng Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focused on new energy products, able to solve energy control, load balancing, business operations, data transmission, remote upgrade, and operation and maintenance management in various application scenarios. The company provides “solar-storage-charging” integrated solutions for users. Taisheng products comply with national, European, American, and Japanese standards, with a series of smart charging products for home use with AC/DC, mobile, and portable features, as well as high-power fast-charging DC supercharging series for commercial operations.

Teld New Energy: Teld, the first stock on China’s ChiNext board, is a subsidiary of Terun (300001). Founded in 2014, Teld is committed to becoming China’s strongest and largest charging network operator. Teld leverages its technological, product, platform, and scale advantages to build China’s largest charging network, deeply connecting electric vehicle charging and discharging, becoming China’s largest aggregated energy storage center, virtual power plant energy trading center, charging finance trading center, and big data trading center.

Anfu New Energy: The company’s main business covers five major areas: electrical components, photovoltaic supporting power equipment, 5G integrated communication cabinets, new energy vehicle charging piles, and complete power equipment. Its products are exported to Europe, Americas, Africa, and other countries. Anfu adopts the “energy internet” as its development strategy, realizing digital application and service internally and externally, and building a regional smart energy comprehensive operation and management ecosystem around the “generation-storage-transmission-transformation-distribution-use” of green and low-carbon energy, providing complete energy solutions for public institutions, industry, and terminal users.

More Chinese Enterprises in the EV Charging Equipment Exhibition

Changzhou Fisher Electronics Technology: Established in 2007, the company is a high-tech enterprise that integrates scientific research, development, production, and sales, dedicated to the technical research and development of manufacturing of electric vehicle and charging pile charging, and battery connection systems. The company has a mature and complete industrial chain, from product design, mold design and manufacturing, plastic molding, mechanical processing, precision die casting, and production line integration, with full-featured online inspection capabilities. The product line covers AC charging guns, DC charging guns, AC charging sockets, DC charging sockets, and cable assemblies.

Youyou Green Energy: Established in 2015, the company is a global leading provider of EV all-scenario DC fast charging solutions and core charging component supplier. Since its establishment, the company has adhered to the business philosophy of being market-oriented and technology-driven, deeply engaged in the new energy vehicle charging and swapping field, attaches great importance to technological innovation and R&D investment, and provides customized products and integrated solutions for global charging station operators, battery swapping station operators, new energy vehicle OEMs, charging pile system customers, and battery swapping system customers.

Jingchong New Energy: A new energy technology enterprise that integrates the research, development, manufacturing, and sales of intelligent charging equipment; investment, construction, and operation of charging networks; and automotive charging big data mining and value-added services. Established in 2019, it has now realized over 10,000 operational terminals, 600+ operational sites, covering multiple regions nationwide, with a carbon reduction of 650,000 tons.

Guangdong Hongxin Electric Power: Hongxin Electric Power is a supplier of smart energy software and hardware products, investment, and energy product solutions, focusing on the user side. The company uses power electronics and intelligent control technology as the core, focusing on new energy vehicle charging, energy storage, smart energy services, and smart grid equipment fields. The company’s products cover high-performance electric vehicle charging products, smart grid equipment, energy storage manufacturing and energy storage systems, and provides professional solutions for charging, energy storage, and energy internet for various users, solving the diversified needs of the market.

Huawei Digital Energy: Huawei Digital Energy is a global leading provider of digital energy products and solutions. Committed to integrating digital technology and power electronics technology, developing clean energy and energy digitalization, and promoting the energy revolution to build a green and better future. In clean power generation, Huawei helps build a new power system dominated by new energy; in transportation electrification, Huawei redefines the driving and charging experience of electric vehicles, accelerating the popularization of green travel; in green ICT energy infrastructure, Huawei helps build a green, low-carbon, and intelligent data center and communication network.

Huizhou Wanwuinternettech: The company’s main business includes extension cords, adapters, charging guns, European standard sockets, new energy vehicles, American standard sockets, charging adapters, long charging cables, and AC adapters.

Shenzhen Invt Electric: Established in 2002, Invt Electric is a provider of products and services in the fields of industrial automation and electric power. Invt Electric is a national high-tech enterprise in the Torch Program, and based on power electronics, automatic control, and information technology, its business covers industrial automation, new energy vehicles, network energy, and rail transit. The product range covers industrial Internet of Things solutions, controllers, inverters, new energy vehicle powertrain systems, main motor controllers, auxiliary motor controllers, traction motors, on-board charging power supplies, charging piles, data center infrastructure, photovoltaic power generation, and power management.

Jiangsu Yihang Electric Technology: The company’s business scope includes the design, manufacturing, and sales of electric vehicle charging devices, distribution system devices, battery management system devices, wireless chargers, photoelectric connectors, filters, and precision components, established in October 2019.

Nanjing Alreck Technology: The team was founded in 2016, exploring the overseas charging pile market and providing charging management system support. In 2017, the team completed the development of its overseas DC charging pile product series, compatible with European CCS Combo-2, North American CCS combo-1, and Japanese Chademo standards. By 2018, the company had successively carried out in-depth cooperation with overseas charging service operators and car rental sales companies. In 2019, the relevant products met the industry’s safety requirements and proved the reliability of the products to the market. That same year, it released its AC charging pile products, suitable for home and commercial use, completing the company’s charging solution product line.

Qingdao Haiwaide Electric: A high-tech enterprise, software enterprise, Shandong Gazelle enterprise, Qingdao innovative enterprise, and Qingdao technology innovation center, integrating R&D, design, production, sales, and service. The company’s main products include intelligent power dispatch charging system and integrated power supply products for intelligent substations, applied in bus systems, State Grid charging stations, and domestic and foreign intelligent substations.

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