Jiangkou Mansion West Charging Station Solution

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The advent of electric vehicles (EVs) marked a transformative era in transportation, aligning with global initiatives for sustainable development. However, a critical challenge surfaced: the scarcity of efficient and accessible EV charging infrastructure. This gap hindered the broader adoption of EVs, particularly in urban areas experiencing rapid industrial growth and increasing environmental concerns.

Jiangkou Mansion West Charging Station
Jiangkou Mansion West Charging Station Near Apartment Buildings

In Xihu District, this issue was compounded by its strategic location, intersected by major highways and experiencing a surge in EV ownership. The project is located on the west side of the Wushan Rongzhi multi-story apartment building (No. 219 Jiangkou), close to Zhusi Road. The Liuzhuan Highway and the Changshen-Shenzhen Expressway extend along the edge of the project site. The district faced a two-fold problem: the need for a robust EV charging network and a sustainable solution aligning with national carbon neutrality goals.


Jiangkou Mansion West Charging Station Solution

The Jiangkou Mansion West Charging Station was conceived as a holistic solution to these challenges, leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovative design. Key elements of the solution included:

  1. Integration of Renewable Energy Sources: The station incorporated a large-scale photovoltaic (PV) system, harnessing solar energy to power the charging infrastructure. This not only reduced reliance on traditional power grids but also minimized the carbon footprint of the charging process.
  2. Advanced Energy Storage Systems: To address the intermittent nature of solar power, the station was equipped with high-capacity energy storage batteries. These batteries ensured a consistent and reliable power supply, even during periods of low sunlight, thereby enhancing the efficiency and dependability of the charging service.
  3. Smart Charging Technology: Implementing intelligent charging systems optimized the energy distribution, reducing charging time and managing peak demand. This technology also provided real-time data analytics for station management, enabling predictive maintenance and usage optimization.
  4. User-Centric Design and Services: Recognizing the importance of user experience, the station was designed with additional amenities like a self-service car wash, a rest area, and a fast-food restaurant. These facilities, coupled with free parking and 24/7 operations, significantly enhanced customer convenience.

Therefore, ANFU Energy has expertly equipped the Jiangkou Mansion West Charging Station with a suite of advanced technical specifications. Reflecting our commitment to innovation and sustainability, the station is a showcase of our cutting-edge technology in action. And here are chargers we have provided.

  • High-Powered DC Chargers: We have installed 33 units of 120KW DC dual-gun chargers, each capable of delivering fast and efficient charging to meet the demands of modern electric vehicles.
  • Revolutionary Supercharger: A standout feature is our 480KW six-plug liquid-cooled supercharger. This supercharger represents the pinnacle of our charging technology, offering an ultra-fast charging experience that sets new industry standards.
  • Accessible AC Chargers: Complementing these are 28 units of 7KW AC chargers, providing versatile charging options for a wide range of electric vehicles.

The “Guangchu” (Light-Storage-Charge) Concept

The “Guangchu” (Light-Storage-Charge) Concept

This integrated charging station operates on the “Guangchu” model, combining PV charging (“Light”) with energy storage (“Storage”) to create a highly efficient and sustainable charging system. Why? In this station, solar panels (“Light”) generate electricity, which is then stored in large batteries (“Storage”), ensuring a consistent supply of power. This stored energy is used to charge electric vehicles (“Charge”), providing an efficient and reliable charging solution. This integration allows for the use of renewable energy, reduces the station’s reliance on the conventional power grid, and offers a cost-effective, eco-friendly alternative to traditional EV charging methods, making it a model for future sustainable infrastructure projects.

Project’s Achievement

  • Solar Energy Generation: Each day, the station harnesses solar energy to generate approximately 300 kWh of electricity. This not only powers the charging infrastructure but also feeds into our commitment to renewable energy sources.
  • Advanced Energy Storage: With a storage capacity of 200 kWh and a charging/discharging power of 100 kW, our energy storage system ensures a consistent and reliable power supply. This system is key to balancing energy demands and optimizing the station’s operational efficiency.

In conclusion

At ANFU Energy, we believe in driving the future through innovative energy solutions. Our approach is not just about meeting the current needs of EV users but also about paving the way for a greener and more energy-efficient future. Want to have your own charging station solution? Feel free to contact us and share your ideas here: sales@anfuenergy.com

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