ChargePoint Unveils Groundbreaking 500 kW High-Speed DC Charger

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ChargePoint Unveils Groundbreaking 500 kW High-Speed DC Charger

ChargePoint unveiled its groundbreaking Express Plus Power Link 2000 DC fast charging platform today, marking a significant advancement in charging technology with speeds reaching up to 500 kilowatts.

This state-of-the-art Power Link system, along with its software, was launched at the new Mercedes-Benz HPC NA fast charging network. Thanks to its exceptional power capacity, it’s being hailed as “the fastest public charging network in North America.”

The Mercedes-Benz HPC NA network aims to be a top-tier DC fast charging solution for all electric vehicles, planning to feature up to 400 locations and more than 2,500 charging stations by 2030. Notably, some of these charging stations will be located at select Simon Property Group sites (minimum 55) and around 30 Buc-ee’s travel centers.

Securing an order for the Mercedes-Benz HPC NA network represents a significant achievement for ChargePoint, known for its comprehensive suite of hardware and software solutions for AC and DC electric vehicle charging, along with managing the ChargePoint network.

The Express Plus Power Link 2000 DC platform introduces an impressive 500 kilowatts of charging power, catering to the needs of both present and future electric vehicles. It stands out not only for its high charging speed but also for features like simultaneous charging for two vehicles with dynamic power distribution.

At the heart of this platform is a modular power electronic system featuring Power Blocks, capable of housing up to five Power Modules each. This system is designed to intelligently and dynamically distribute power based on the specific requirements of each vehicle. Additionally, it includes a proprietary cooling system and liquid-cooled cables, ensuring the platform can handle 500 kW power outputs for extended periods.

Other notable features of the Express Plus Power Link 2000 DC platform include the option for drivers to reserve chargers and seamless automatic payment through “Plug & Charge.”

Rick Wilmer, COO of ChargePoint, remarked, “With the launch of Express Plus Power Link 2000, ChargePoint is redefining the standard for high-speed, sustained charging for all EV drivers. We’re proud to support Mercedes-Benz with their HPC NA network initiative and are excited to enhance the availability of efficient, reliable public DC charging across North America.”

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