Boosting EV Charging Efficiency with Cellular Repeaters

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Boosting EV Charging Efficiency with Cellular Repeaters

We’ve all been there: you’re deep in an important call, you enter an elevator heading to the garage, and suddenly, the call drops. The struggle to maintain a connection inside a garage, especially an underground one, is real. This challenge extends to EV chargers located in such garages, which often can’t connect to their network online, hindering their ability to schedule charging times, generate reports, or manage billing. As more garage owners embrace the installation of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), finding a reliable solution to this connectivity issue is crucial. Fortunately, there’s a straightforward fix: a cellular repeater. This device can significantly improve signal reception, making EV chargers operational in almost any location.

What Is A Cellular Repeater?

A cellular repeater is a system designed to boost mobile phone signal reception in areas where it’s typically weak or non-existent. It operates by capturing an existing cellular signal from an outside antenna, amplifying this signal, and then rebroadcasting it indoors. This technology is particularly useful in structures like indoor parking garages, which are often built with concrete and can block or weaken cellular signals. Sina Khanifar, CEO of Waveform, highlights the importance of power and connectivity for operations such as reservation creation and user billing in EV charging systems, which rely on cellular connectivity. The setup of a cellular repeater system includes three critical components: an external antenna to capture the outdoor signal, an amplifier to boost the signal, and an internal antenna to redistribute the enhanced signal inside the building.

Is a Cellular Repeater Necessary for EV Charging Stations in a Garage?

Likely, especially if your charging stations struggle to connect to the network. In garages where cell reception is weak, installing a cellular repeater is a strategic solution for ensuring your EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) can communicate effectively. This setup empowers the chargers to rely on their cellular modems instead of Wi-Fi, enhancing connectivity for both the charging operation and your customers’ mobile phone use within the garage.

The installation process involves situating the repeater close to the charging stations and powering it via a standard 120-volt outlet. The repeater includes an antenna designed to extend the cell signal directly to the chargers, which is why it’s placed nearby. A cable from the repeater connects to an external antenna, positioned outside the garage in an area with good cell reception. This external signal is then relayed through the cable to your chargers, ensuring they stay connected. This level of connectivity is crucial for functionalities such as using apps like the Blink App for initiating charging sessions or contacting customer support when necessary.

Do Cellular Repeaters Really Enhance Connectivity?

In the world of parking garages and especially those outfitted with EV charging stations, cellular repeaters play a crucial role. Their success relies on finding an outdoor area that captures a strong cell signal. Once such a spot is identified, the repeater amplifies this signal and extends it inside the garage. This technology not only ensures that EV charging stations remain operational by staying connected to their network but also enhances cell phone usability for individuals within even the most secluded parts of a garage.

The rise in electric vehicle ownership necessitates an increase in charging station installations. Urban environments, in particular, face challenges with signal reception due to obstructions like buildings, garages tucked away from direct signal paths, and the towering presence of skyscrapers. Cellular repeaters emerge as a vital solution to overcome these barriers, enabling clear signal reception in locations previously marred by connectivity issues. This advancement is pivotal for making every parking facility with charging stations a reliable spot for EV drivers, ensuring seamless connectivity for both charging needs and mobile communication.

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