Boosting America’s Economy Through Buy America EV Chargers

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The White House has rolled out new rules demanding companies to be Buy America compliant for federal funding, and the EV charging industry is no exception. Buy America standards dictate that steel, iron, and the entire manufacturing process of products, including EV chargers, must be US-made.

These regulations aim to boost job opportunities and secure stable supply chains, lessons learned during the turbulence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Upholding Buy America is crucial, especially for projects like the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program, set to enhance the nation’s EV charging network.

President Biden’s ambitious plan to establish 500,000 EV chargers nationwide and shift 50% of new car sales to EVs by 2030 aligns perfectly with the Buy America concept. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law injecting billions into EV charging, clean transportation, and battery components solidifies the US’s commitment to this green transition.

Further, the EPA is pushing automakers to cut greenhouse gas emissions, forecasting a surge in electric vehicle adoption. This aligns with Biden’s vision of 60-67% electric vehicle sales by 2032.

The heart of the matter lies in well-paying jobs and the journey to net-zero emissions by 2050. Buy America safeguards these jobs in the US, securing a resilient, localized workforce.

So, why does this matter?

Being Buy America compliant means companies are investing in US communities, fueling long-term job and economic growth. It ensures that our government’s investments, funded by taxpayers, benefit local communities and the national economy.

What does Buy America mean for Anfu?

Anfu proudly adheres to Buy America standards. Here’s how:

  1. U.S. Based Manufacturing: Anfu manufactures the majority of its EV charging stations in the US, specifically in Bowie, Maryland. Over 66,000 chargers have been deployed globally, employing more than 50 individuals in Maryland.
  2. Testing and Research: Anfu goes beyond compliance by conducting testing and configuration in its 24,000 sq. ft. facility in Tempe, Arizona. This facility also houses a troubleshooting team, ensuring prompt service for chargers nationwide.
  3. Component Materials and Labor: Anfu sources charger components locally, supporting US industries. All steel and iron used in their chargers are produced in the United States. With over 250 employees nationwide, Anfu actively contributes to job creation.

By championing Buy America, Anfu not only supports domestic economic growth but also encourages companies to foster and expand their businesses at home.

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